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  1. hite337

    For Sale Parting 2006 Lincoln LS Black on Black

    As some of you know GRELL and I are parting a 2006 Lincoln LS base black on black. PM either of us what you need or post it here and we will let you know if the part is still available. Alot of the good stuff is gone but there are still alot of parts left. Parts gone: bumpers grille side...
  2. hite337

    Wrecked the LSE

    Sorry I havent been around for awhile, I check in every day or so but I have been busy replacing trim and painting our house (finding some mold in the bathroom walls), and I am now in the middle of building a 600 squre foot deck for my brother-in-law. Plus working full time, kids, etc..... As...
  3. hite337

    For Sale Umnitza CCFL Angel Eyes '00-'02 LS only (From LSK)

    For sale is a set of Umnitza CCFL Angel Eyes for the 1st gen LS. These were origionally purchased at LSKoncepts a few years ago. They are in working condition with no glue residue on the rings. $60 PayPal shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states.
  4. hite337

    For Sale FS: Gen1 LS Headlights

    I have a set of Gen1 00-02 Lincoln LS halogen headlights for sale. They have the amber corner lens removed and have been resealed. They have never leaked or had any condensation inside. These headlights need refinished with a 3M kit, or other restore kit, but have no cracks and all tabs are...
  5. hite337

    For Sale FS: Lincoln LS Mirrors

    I have a set of LS mirrors for sale. These are from a Gen1 Lincoln LSE (2002) and have no heat or puddle lamp. They are power glass only. They will fit any year LS. They are in great shape but they have some rock chips. Color code is JP-Silver Birch but I dont know if the car has ever been...
  6. hite337

    For Sale FS: Lincoln LS Eibach Springs

    I am selling my Eibach lowering springs. Part # 3592.140 They will fit any year Lincoln LS. The front springs have been used a year and the rears were only used for 5 days. The price for LVC members is $175 plus shipping.
  7. hite337

    For Sale: Cold Air Intake Heatshields for Insys Intake tube

    I am now taking orders for CAI Heatshields that can be used on LSV8's with the Insys 2 piece intake tube. I have other heatshields available for the factory tube and the LSK/ASMI 1 piece aluminum tubes. If you are interested send me a PM and I will give you my PayPal info. The heatshields are...
  8. hite337

    My new sub box

    This is my sub box build I completed yesterday. It has a Kicker 10" Comp CVR with 1.75 cu. ft. ported. Its powered by a Rockford Fosgate P2002 amp with a 1.5 Farrad Kove Audio Cap. Enjoy the pics...
  9. hite337

    High Output Alternator Resolution Discussion

    As many of you know I have a GEN1 LSE and I have converted my hydraulic cooling fan to electric. This extra 18 amps from the electric fan has pushed my factory alternator to its limit. I recently added a pair of 12" subs and a 200 watt RMS amp to the equation. At night I am having issues with...
  10. hite337

    For Sale...Custom Front License Plate Brackets

    Yet another custom made product from Hite Performance! Several members have contacted me about my front license plate bracket and I have made a few, some of you may have seen it on marcredd's beautifully reworked white LS recently. This is a custom made aluminum front license plate bracket...
  11. hite337

    New Mille Miglia EV-R 19" wheels and front Eibachs w/pics

    I installed Eibach springs in front and my 19" Mille Miglia EV-R's. I Plasti-Dipped them with the glossifier kit from I'm heading out to get the alignment done right now. More pics later today..... ooops...forgot to resize the pics...
  12. hite337

    Sold my 2000 LS today

    Well I sold my 2000 LS V8 Sport today. It had 164,000 miles and I sold it for $3500. I am getting ready to move and my new place (girlfriends house) doesnt have enuf room to park it without leaving it on the street. It is an emergency snow route so I couldnt park it there in the winter anyway...
  13. hite337

    Engine Cover Mod

    So I had a few hours to kill today after washing both of my LS's so I thought I'd do a mod that I had been thinking about for awhile. I had an extra engine cover so I did this....
  14. hite337

    Gen2 Heatshield Development Thread

    OK, I'm now into uncharted territory. I need to get this Gen2 heatshield developed. I know I can develop a heatshield for the K&N Typhoon intake but it already comes with a heatshield, IMO its not a very good heatshield. It doesnt seal up the engine bay completely. It is made of a thicker and...
  15. hite337

    LSK Intake tubes on ebay

    The LSK style aluminum intake tubes for the gen1 V8 are back on ebay. They say more than 10 available, $169 shipped...
  16. hite337

    Taking orders for gen1 heatshields

    I am now taking orders for custom gen1 V8 heatshields. I have heatshields for the factory intake tube and the LSK intake tube. I am including a rubber gasket to fit between your factory MAF housing and the back of the heatshield. I will try to get some instructions printed to include in the box...
  17. hite337

    Transgo Shift Kit

    Well I dropped my transmission pan, removed the old filter, solenoid pack and valve body on my '02 LSE (and yes, the solenoid electrical connector bolt is a bitch). I installed all of the valve body parts that came with the Transgo Shift Kit into the valve body, there wasnt much to it. The car...
  18. hite337

    Anyone interested in a custom heat shield if I make a few??

    I am considering fabricating a few custom heat shields like mine with galvanized sheet metal. These will be for the 1st gen LS. I dont think they will work for the 2nd gen because I am making them to bolt up to the factory intake tube. I have no access to a 2nd gen to fit them up correctly. I am...
  19. hite337

    Wouldnt this be nice to have....

    Just ran across this wepage, not sure how old the ad is but this is one nice LSE. Sorry if this is a repost but I've never seen this one. I would love to have this rare LSE
  20. hite337

    Trans slip on initial acceleration

    I have been having an intermittent issue with my transmission in my 02 LSE (159k). Occasionally when I leave work after the car has sat for 8-9 hours, I pull out of my spot and drive forward 50 yards or so and stop to look for traffic. As I'm slowing down I can feel the transmission disengage...