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  1. k9t8m

    Junkyard finds!

    Someone needs to go get these rare parts off of these cars before it's too late: 94 with cowl hood and lms 3 piece wing: 98 CE 96 LSC...
  2. k9t8m

    For Sale 17" cobra r wheels with tires

    Up for sale is a used set of 17x7 cobra r wheels 5x425 bolt pattern. fronts have goodyear eagle rsa's 235-55r17 with about 20% tread left rears are riken raptor 255-50r17 with 80% tread left Located in Washington, Il. Asking $400. Will NOT ship. photo sharing websites upload...
  3. k9t8m

    For Sale mark viii door handles

    $40 shipped ea.
  4. k9t8m

    For Sale mark viii emblems

    $15 shipped each
  5. k9t8m

    For Sale 5 speed Mark VIII for sale

    5speed mark viii for sale $6500 1997 Mark VIII Base TR3650 swapped (05+ Mustang with remote mount shifter) 373s with Trac Lock 13" cobra front brakes cobra rear brakes Mustang hub swapped high miles on chassis 4k mi on trans swap 67k on engine Addco front and rear sway bars and rear end links...
  6. k9t8m

    Illinois Meet 1-24-15
  7. k9t8m

    Illinois meet 1-24-15 Peoria, IL

    I've got a little meet organized for Saturday January 24th. The plan is to eat at the regionally famous Burger Barge, then bowling (mostly because it was the only place big enough to fit everyone.) The plan is to meet at Burger Barge II in East Peoria between 2-230, eat a late lunch. The...
  8. k9t8m

    My Mark VIIIs

    Ive been seeing alot of throwback thurdsay pictures lately and it got me thinking about all the marks I've had over the years. So here they are, for your viewing pleasure. This is my first car. The first picture was just a few months after I bought it back in 2002 ish. The second picture...
  9. k9t8m

    New winter beater

    I think I missed the whole concept of a winter beater
  10. k9t8m

    For Sale Lincoln LS Woodgrain shifter handle

    Ive got 2 LS wood shifter handles for sale. They are used, but in great shape. Looking for $35 shipped.
  11. k9t8m

    kooks header install help

    Im about halfway through my kooks header install and an wanting a few pointers from you guys that have already installed them with the motor in the car. This is what I have done so far: supported motor dropped the subframe removed the pass side cat and exhaust manifold installed the...
  12. k9t8m

    One of these is not like the other

    Sorry mine is so dirty :( I didn't have time to clean it before the impromptu photoshoot.
  13. k9t8m

    Cheap Collectors Edition

    almost anyone can afford
  14. k9t8m

    Cobra Bumper played out?

    I mean whats the deal? Even crown vic guys are making cobra bumpers. Its not even a 32v or anything. Am I missing something?
  15. k9t8m

    Car Show

    I fit right in don't I?
  16. k9t8m

    wow this is just sad
  17. k9t8m

    Photo shoot

    I got the car all cleaned up this weekend and Dmaup was here so we took some pictures of my old beater. Enjoy.
  18. k9t8m

    Should I ? I talked the owner down to $6200 but I still dont know if I want to pull the trigger.
  19. k9t8m

    Gen 1 Cobra Bumper

  20. k9t8m

    LS woodgrain steering wheel

    I pulled this out of a gen 1. good shape but not perfect. It is used so keep that in mind. Id like $50+ shipping. It will only come with the airbag if you can pick it up locally, I will not ship with the airbag.