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  1. Alax7

    For Sale S type R Vulcan wheels

    Hello everyone, been a little while. I have a set of Jaguar Vulcan wheels for sale. Pictures below show tires but they are not the right size for the LS and will be removed soon. For sale are just the wheels, no tires. These actually never went on my LS and probably never will since I have my...
  2. Alax7

    For Sale Vulcan wheels

    I have a pair of front Vulcan wheels. I was going to complete a set but then found my current Volvo wheels. Great for you to get cheap and complete your set with two rears off eBay and such. Make me an offer + shipping, hopefully you're local though. Will post pictures shortly
  3. Alax7

    For Sale Gen2 LSE parts for sale

    For sale Gen2 LSE lip spoiler: 100+ shipping. Good condition. Gen2 LSE rear lower valence:100 + shipping, some scuff mark, sits on the bottom of bumpers so its expected. Gen2 outer tails : 120 + shipping. Good condition, might need new weather stripping. Gen2 inner tails : free with your...
  4. Alax7

    Accel coils

    What is holding you back from getting accel coils? They are available locally, they fit with minor modifications(reversing the wires). One issue I had was not being able to use the stock cover. I know its been said that they seal tight, but I would like a tight seal plus a cover. I may be going...
  5. Alax7

    Jaguar STR brembo brakes

    Anybody want any? Thinking about making the brackets for these. Who's interested? Just so you know, some sets are going from 600-800, you'll need to buy rotors, and these also have an extra caliper for a parking brake, I'll have to make a bracket for that too. If there is enough interest, I'll...
  6. Alax7

    Big Brake upgrade

    As some of you know, Brett was going to make big brake kits for the ls. He ran out of time before he had to leave to law school so he wasn't able to finish them. As of now, he had the rotors drilled to 5x108, got everything needed, except for the brackets. Since I have more time now, plus...
  7. Alax7

    Lincoln ls K&N intake for sale

    I have the black k&n intake for sale.It has a spectre filter not a K&N one though, bought it like that. pictures coming tonight. 125 shipped
  8. Alax7

    Misc Bolts

    I can't seem to find the bolt I am missing online,ebay, ford, etc. Anybody know a site? I'm using the part number but nothing comes up. I need the bolts for the coil covers, someone kept my cover and the bolts along with others like my bumper screws, headlights bolts and other.I have to...
  9. Alax7

    Gen1 LSE side skirts for sale

    Look here :)
  10. Alax7

    LSE side skirts for sale

    I found two gen1 lse'es in the junk yard today, what are the odds. 2 pairs of side skirts and 2 rear valences. ONLY thing left unsold are one pair of side skirts. If any sale falls through I'll post it here. They have some damage on them, one more than the other. Make me an offer...
  11. Alax7

    Mclaren grilles

    Who wants a mclaren replica? I'll be casting them, not making them with the gen2 surround and attaching the honeycomb to it. I see a few are on the hunt for one so if there is enough interest I will make a few. I don't want to spend all this money to make the mold and sell one, I don't want to...
  12. Alax7

    Gen1 clear corners

    Someone PM'ed me asking how this was going so I thought I'd post some updates. For those who dont know, I volunteered to do some clear headlight markers for you gen1 guys after someone asked if they were still made. By the way, they aren't made anymore. I tried to get a bubble free cast...
  13. Alax7

    My new toy, 1995 sierra

    So I got this from my uncle's, since I need a car while my LS is still out. It's been in storage since 96, was only used for about a year. My family kept in in our garage since 98 when my uncle went back to Mexico, so I know it's been in storage for a LONG time. It hasn't been driven since them...
  14. Alax7

    Selling gen1 17'' silver wheels with tires

    In the for sale section Thanks for looking.
  15. Alax7

    Lincoln LS gen1 silver 17'' wheels

    Selling my extra set of wheels with tires. Some cosmetic wear on them from previous owner, I bought them used. Wanted to get them all redone but no need for that now that I have my 19's. Tires are falken ziex ze 912, all season performance tires, 235/50/17. Two tires have about 50% tread left...
  16. Alax7

    Turbo kit thread

    The turbo is being installed as we speak. I'm very excited to get my ls back in a few days, if everything goes as planned. For those of you who don't know, Brett, who built the turbo on the gen1 v6 lse manual, is building a turbo for my LS. He will be putting together an LS turbo kit, not just...
  17. Alax7

    New lowering springs-Ideal ride height

    So what does everyone think the ideal ride height for a lowered ls should be? Eibachs give you the 1.1'' drop, sprints gave go 1.75, would a 1.5'' drop be the best, 1.75'', maybe 2''? There is a company that makes springs for everything and can make one-offs that lower or raise your height from...
  18. Alax7

    Selling some stuff

    Some things I dont need that are just taking up space in my garage.
  19. Alax7

    LS Gen2 items for sale

    Selling a few things taking up space in my garage. First up, a CDC grille kit painted pearl white, color code F6. The part behind the lower grille surround is painted black so you can't see it when you mount it. The grille kit comes with a bottom and top cdc surround, top grille weaved mesh...
  20. Alax7

    Selling my ebay sub enclosure