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  1. Bildabo

    P0316, P2072, P0420.....stupid car

    Hey guys, so go figure, I had to go to Ohio last week for work and on my way down my car started what seemed to be a mis-fire here and there. This morning on my way in to work, I stopped and got the codes pulled. They gave me the following 3 P0316 - Crank Sensor P0420 - low bank 1 P2072...
  2. Bildabo

    Going to look at a 1979 Mark V.....

    Can anybody tell me about these? I don't really know much about them, just always really liked them. I have a buddy selling one fairly cheap (or so I think) and I'm not sure what to look for besides basics, no specifics. As of right now I only have the 2 pictures he had on his phone at the...
  3. Bildabo

    I hate to ask but I have a window regulator question

    So I just replaced my pass front window regulator. Wasn't too difficult since there have been so many threads about it. I got everything back together and the window goes up and down nice and smooth but it doesn't like to stay all the way up. If I mess with it, I can get it all the closed but...
  4. Bildabo

    Did some powder coating over the weekend

    So I had a couple buddies that wanted some bicycle frames powder coated. Of course they couldn't just ask for a single color, they both wanted fades. I had never tried anything like that but figured what the heck, sounds like fun. Just thought I'd share, I think they look pretty cool. I...
  5. Bildabo

    Powder Coating anyone??

    Just curious if anyone on here is into powder coating. When I get home I'll throw up some pics (I know how you all are!) but I was just wondering if anyone else was into the hobby / addiction.
  6. Bildabo

    Crazy Hi-lo crash

    :eek: I had to share this:eek:
  7. Bildabo

    WTB Stock Gen 2 LS V8 Air Box

    I really only need the lid but I'll take the entire unit. Let me know! Thanks Chris
  8. Bildabo

    Chiltons manuals free online!

    This may be common knowledge to most but I sure didn't know. I've been working on my S-10 this weekend and got a little stumped. I was gonna go to the library today so I could look at the Chilton manual and get some copies. As I was on the Library website checking hours (I don't think I've...
  9. Bildabo

    Please help me decide on wheels!

    So I've decided to treat the LS to some new wheels with part of the good ol' tax return. I'm having a hard time deciding. All I know is that I would like a black wheel with a chrome lip. As of right now these are the 2 I'm looking at. One problem is that I've never heard of Metal FX brand...