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    Geralds Lincoln LS

    Found this hilarious comment on some random blog post about the LS. 2000 Lincoln LS – Junkyard Find Gerard just liked it. Gerard locked the front door of his townhouse, and went in the garage to tend to the Lincoln. He rolled up the sleeves on his white collared shirt, and then hesitated...
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    Anybody ever have a vehicle shipped?

    I'm looking for a carrier to transport my LS from Kansas, and the horror stories I'm reading about the major companies are frightening. Seems like they are all just middle-men who overcharge you for the lowest rate trucks available.
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    Moog Tie Rod End exploded in 5 miles

    Is there some way I could have installed this incorrectly, or should I just chalk it up to a bad part?
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    Stripping a 2000 v8

    I think I might have seen a thread here about this before but can't find it now o_O I recently bought a parts car to harvest the doors and some other exterior parts I needed. Now I'm wondering what would be the best parts to remove before I send it to the junkyard. I'm already thinking of...
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    Lincoln LS sucks blog

    Lincoln LS Sucks!! Reading through this blog of angry LS owners over the years made me laugh.
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    Hub Bolts and Splash Shield

    Anybody have any advice on how to get the circular splash shields off the spindle?. Also looking for advice on if I can re-use the 4 bolts that connect the hubs to the spindles. Thanks and have a great holiday everybody.
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    Windows wont open

    I had taken the driver door panel off to have a go at the window regulator years ago. Well, I never got around to it. I've now come to find that none on the windows are working. The sunroof kind of works (if I fuss with the opener, seems to be getting stuck). My question is, does the driver...
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    If you hit the Lincoln lottery ....

    Of course this lottery is a figment of my day dreaming imagination, but sometimes I like to ponder the thought of what I would do with endless resources available to throw at my LS. First thing I would do is offer joegr an obscene amount of cash to take delivery of my LS to a location of his...
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    How long have you owned your LS?

    I consider myself a veteran, picked up my LS as a dealer car with 7k miles on it new yrs eve 2002! As of today my LS has approx 70k miles, although the cluster says well over 100 (old one blew out when my FEM crapped out) The car has always been around, made it into lots of pictures while...
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    Blast from the past!

    Digging around today and found the old McLaren grill! could have swore I sold in on ebay years ago, can't wait to put it back on the old girl.
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    Actuator Assembly

    Is this it? (the rusty round part) I'm curious if anyone ever had one go bad, or know how to trouble-shoot this part with a DVOM
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    Stock 17 inch sport wheels for sale

    all 4 rims are all in great shape, tires are ok. $200 takes them all, pick up in 10306 only
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    LS Crash from dashcam

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    Snow driving in the LS

    It's that time of year! Do you use your LS during snowy weather? I'm curious of everyone's thoughts on this. I've been out in the worst of it, during last years blizzard I was one of the only people who made it to work! following plows, feathering the throttle to keep momentum uphills can...
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    Thinking about selling my LS ..

    2001 v8 sport, Black on Black, 66k miles, 1 owner. Has cold air intake, Full magnaflow exhaust, Drilled slotted rotors and SS brake lines, ceramic pads installed 200 miles ago. exterior is a little beat up in some spots, needs a paint job and minor body work to be mint. mechanically...
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    Cant keep up with this LS anyore

    after a summer's worth of knuckle bleeding work and getting the car CEL and "whats that noise" free, she's showing new signs of pain. belt tensioner, wheel bearings, and sway bar bushings (again!) looks like it;s going to be a hard winter, I'm not prepared to work on this car in the snow...
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    2001 Lincoln LS for sale, Totally mint!

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    catalytic converter delete

    I bought the 15710 magnaflow exhaust off ebay finally. Now I know at least one of my cats are destroyed inside, and I would much rather spend a couple hundred on a livewire then some new cats. is it just a process of welding in some pipe in place of them? and would a midas type shop do this...
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    Wing light stays lit?

    I knew I had this problem when my harness was chewed up, now with a new harness I just noticed today that my wing light still stays lit, with the car off. I just replaced the led's b/c of this, being they stayed on and eventually all burnt out. the led bar lights up bright with the brakes ok...
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    One Lap of America LS pics

    never saw these pics, nice to see the LS on a track.