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  1. De-marko

    Mark VII GTC for sale

    1986 LINCOLN MARK VII GTC **HARD TO FIND ** Craigslist ad from New York
  2. De-marko

    Powerflex Polyurethane Bushing Install

    I know these bushings have been talked about on here before for the rear lower control arms and I know at least one had purchased them but hadn't installed them. There's probably others. My '02 LSE with almost 200K in miles had started to really feel loose in the rear end especially on the...
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    Lincoln LS's From Japan

    If I could just get a set of those taillights lol! 2000 Navy Blue V6 LINCOLN LINCOLN LS V6 | 2000 | NAVY | 53,992 km | details.- Japanese used cars.Goo-net Exchange 2000 Pearl V8, really nice! LINCOLN LINCOLN LS V8 | 2000 | PEARL | 32,811 km | details.- Japanese used cars.Goo-net Exchange...
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    Fast And Furious LS

    I searched to make sure this wasn't a repost but didn't find anything. I went and saw this movie last night, entertaining but kept shaking my head and laughing, course it's the nature of the beast with these movies. Anyway, for a split second amongst all the ridiculous chaos I thought I saw...
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    Fuel Filler Neck/vent Tube Problem.

    Hey guys! I'm writing about an issue like the title says on my parents '02 conti. When filling the car up with fuel you can only get about a $1 worth in before the line backs up and shuts the pump off. Is this a vent tube problem? Can you blow compresed air into the vent tube if there is a...
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    Cheap 1st Gen LSE on CL in Joisy Just an FYI. Has a standard front bumper cover though!
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    A Wings West Purchase

    After wanting the Wings West rear spoiler for the last couple years ($$$) I went ahead and pulled the trigger on it. I picked it up on Amazon for about $65-70 cheaper then getting it direct from WW. I think it looks great with the LSE body kit! I know a couple other members have it too on...
  8. De-marko

    So, I Thought I Heard A Shotgun Blast!

    This actually happened a few weeks ago and thought this was crazy. I was cruising home from work one afternoon with the music up and in some heavy traffic. While driving I hear BOOM! I instantly turn the music down and am looking all over to see what is going on, holding tightly to the...
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    arrgghh My Old LS In The Salvage Yard!! (sniff)

    Hey Guys! It has been a bit since I have joined in on the LS forums! I'm still rolling in my '02 LSE and have done a couple things like springs and blacked out trim. I'll post pics later. Well, today I was at work and another car enthusiast was talking to me and said he had seen an...
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    Valve Cover Replacement....My 2nd time

    Well, I was so happy to have to get try this again. I replaced these on my '00 when I had that. So, when I bought this '02 I knew it was not a matter of IF but when. Sometimes I wish I had kept my other car. :p This has been done a thousand times on here so I am not going to bore anyone with...
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    MK8 powered Jag

    Kind of an oddball. :D
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    CL Listing---LSC

    I thought this might interest some of you if you haven't seen it.
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    LSE Bumper Mesh Insert

    Ok, today I installed a mesh insert into the lower grille. I bought the upper insert off of ebay about 4 years ago and has been on both of my cars by swapping the grille before I sold my other. It's the rain gutter insert that the guy on ebay was raping for $30 or so, the whole piece is $6 from...
  15. De-marko

    Do You Guys Have These?

    I was changing my oil for the first time since I bought this car (4300 miles) and saw these frame connector/braces from the front suspension to the frame. Now, my '00 Sport didn't have them so I am wondering if they were installed from a certain year forward. These are on my '02 LSE.
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    An Interesting Short Read. Jag 4.0
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    Fo real???

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    Need Some Help Identifing

    I picked up this Lincoln hubcap today at a swap meet basically for garage wall decoration fodder. I've looked on line to see what year this would have come from. The seller had know idea. It looks like maybe late 60's or early 70's. What do you guys think?
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    Storm Cloud!

    Took a pic of an interesting storm coming over my house today........but had to somehow tie the LS in. :D
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    My Newer Ride

    Well, I decided to pick up a newer LS, an '02 LSE. This car is in very good shape and the dark charcoal interior still has the new car smell lol. It is a V8 with 85k in miles and everything....for now....still works. Fully loaded with the Alpine in dash player. I'm pretty happy about it! Now...