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    Cars singer Ric Ocasek RIP

    Lead singer of the Cars rock group passed away. They made some good music. By coincidence, I'm doing a crossword puzzle in today's local newspaper. I saw this clue: "rocker Ocasek".
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    Hyundai Kona

    My daughter likes the Kona. Any comments appreciated. Thanks
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    Lincoln dealer selling 56 4 dr

    Local Lincoln dealer in north Jersey has a 56 Lincoln 4 dr sitting outside their showroom. Car looks original. Didn't see any body rust, but chrome looks original (paint/interior also). Some chrome really pitted. Color, grey in and out. Some chrome trim damage over one headlamp. Kind of dull...
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    FEM Module 6W6Z13C788AA

    My friend's 03 TBird retro needs an FEM Front Electronics Module Part # 6W6Z13C788AA. Dealer gave him the run-around after keeping the car for almost a month, and then gave the car back to him. I'm going to forward the Ford Parts Giant link. Any other suggestions? Thanks
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    ABS and Traction Control lights

    2004 LS. Got them both. Solid lights. I gave up backyard car repair years ago (I don't have a code reader), but I'd like some input/experiences from you guys on this issue before I take it to my local repair guy (not a Ford dealer). Thanks
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    50 Years and Counting

    We did it. We hit the magic 50! Bought my 64 Galaxie 50 years ago with 46,819 miles. She now has 219,725 miles. Hot summer for car-shows. Went to 5 shows. Won 4 trophies, "Top 25 or Top 40", stuff like that. After roughly 35 years of showing the car, the trophy case is now officially closed...
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    Hard to believe

    My LS is 14 years old, my TBird is 15 years old, my Explorer is 8 years old, my daughter's Mustang is 10 years old, and my Galaxie is 54 years old. Time sure flies when you're having fun.
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    RIP Burt Reynolds

    Always enjoyed his performances.
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    need code advice

    My LS "check engine" light came on. Brought it to a local mechanic. The codes were: P2072 "Throttle actuator"? PO171 "control system ice blockage"? "bank 1 and 2 lean"? PO174 He cleaned up some of the system parts hoping it would eliminate the "lean running" condition. It didn't. Test drive...
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    49 years and counting

    Year #49. Seems like just yesterday when I bought my 64 Galaxie. (Well, maybe not "yesterday", but certainly not 49 years ago.) Quiet year. New tires, car shows that weren't as blistering as last year, but still pretty hot. Trophy days are in the rear view mirror, but the car still collects a...
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    Moog suspension parts

    I'd like opinions on Moog front suspension parts vs Motorcraft. Vehicle is a 2008 Mustang. Thanks
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    48 years and counting

    Another click of the annual clock. It's now 48 years since I bought my 64 Galaxie. 2016 wasn't a very productive year. Mileage, 218,734. That's only a 479 mile increase from last January. At this rate, 220,000 mile benchmark looks like a "definite maybe". Bad year for car shows. Heat was...
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    Ben E King RIP

    For us folks of a certain age, his (and the Drifters) music was great. My favorite, "Dance With Me". Thank you, Mr King. You were a big part of my late 50's/early 60's music.
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    strange noise under dash

    It's rare that I sit in my wife's 04 LS, after driving the car, with everything off. But, the last two times that I did just that, after 20-30 seconds, I start to hear a scratching noise under the dash. Sounds like a rodent, but it's definitely not. And, the two times that it did happen were...
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    Electronics rebuilders

    Electronic parts for the LS (and Tbird) are, or soon will be, hard to find. Ford's pulling the plug on parts quicker than I had anticipated. (My bro/in/law's TBird A/C went bad. NJ dealer was very lucky and found what he needed in Ca. He could not get the part from Ford direct.) Does...
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    battery issue? Need advice.

    I replaced the original bettery on my 03 TBird in Jan, 2013. Dec, 2013, new battery goes dead. (No lights or anything else were left on. Car's not a daily driver (I do try to use her at least once per week), but when in the garage, she's not even locked. Dealer replaces the battery, and...
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    Don't Shoot the Messenger And, in addition to my LS, I've got her twin, a retro TBird.
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    45 years and counting

    Big milestones for 2014. My 1964 Galaxie 500XL convert turned 50, and I've owned her for 45 years. (She also hit 217,000 miles.) Look at it this way. If you bought a used 2003 LS in 2008, and kept the car, you will hit the "50 years old" and "45 years owned" mark in 2053.......... On...
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    my 2003 retro TBird

    In addition to my LS, and Explorer, this is my other toy, along with the Galaxie. The black/saddle combo was a one year only option. The middle pic is taken in River Edge, NJ, at a historic site where George Washington crossed the Hackensack River, NJ while leaving NY. A few original dwellings...
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    my 1964 Galaxie convert

    (If you don't particularly care for old Fords, don't bother reading this.) In 1969, I needed a car for my wife to drive to work. Her VERY PEPPY 1958 Pontiac Chieftain, 2 dr hardtop, pink/white, gave up. So, I found a used 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 convert, Pagoda Green (turquoise) with two tone...