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  1. marcredd

    Opti Coat 2.0

    I am truly trying to find a reason not to try this product. Everything I have read says it is the closest thing to a clear coat but can be hand applied(tough to apply but appears to be worth it). Lasts for approximately 4 years.
  2. marcredd

    Alternator Pic Link or help needed

    I thought I bookmarked it but I know there is an old thread somewhere with a pic of how to angle the alternator on a Gen 1 3.9 so that it can be removed. I searched via Google as well as the search function here but it is buried so well that I cannot find it now(when I need it). Does...
  3. marcredd

    How long have your parts lasted?

    My original alternator finally died today with 218,000 miles. Still using the original starter(crossing my fingers) though. How long have other members been able to get out of their parts? Any other ironman type mileage stories to share?
  4. marcredd

    Projector Retrofit: Very Nice

    I just said I was not spending anymore money and then I see this..... If it can be pulled off on our car without the bug eye look, this could be bananas(in my opinion). Very Iron Man. Seems to also be a member(Joon Joon) there who does...
  5. marcredd

    Hurricane Sandy: Members Okay?

    We have a number of members in the path of the Hurricane. Everyone and their families okay? D, Mlara, Stallone, 05 and any others I am forgetting......everyone safe? I have a childhood neighbor who lives in the Wilmington DE area and he said it is getting serious quickly.
  6. marcredd

    Enough Sandbagging....Pics!!!

    So, I guess I waited around long enough to have some pics taken of my car. These are basically untouched but yes, some have been lightly touched. I know which one within these may be my calendar submission(not telling yet) but there are also 3 that I am not showing while I make the final...
  7. marcredd

    Borla Clip

    Ran across this on YouTube. Does not sound bad at all during acceleration. Lincoln LS Borla exhaust - YouTube
  8. marcredd

    For Sale: 2.5 Magnaflow X Pipe

    I have a brand new 2.5 Magnaflow X pipe for sale. $50. Buyer pays shipping from zipcode 45638. This needs to be a Paypal transaction in order to protect both of us. Will load pic this evening. Feel free to send me a pm if interested.
  9. marcredd

    Strutmasters Coilovers

    Anyone ever seen / used these before? Just ran across them.
  10. marcredd

    Dodged a bullet.....

    So, the car has been in my garage for the last week under the cover. I decided to start it and pull it out in the driveway for a few while I vaccumed out the daily driver. Here is where it gets crazy. I left it in the driveway because I decided to drive it later. Closed the garage door...
  11. marcredd

    WTB: 2000-2002 LS Sport Springs

    WTB: 2000-2002 LS OEM "Sport Package" springs. Fronts only. Must not have been previously cut. Pm me with an asking price and shipping amount to zipcode 45638. Thanks....
  12. marcredd

    06 Bumper Conversion/2002 LSE Body Kit

    Well, the time is almost finally here. Let me say it again....finally. A few of you, behind the scenes, have known my intent for a few weeks and most of you know that I have been chasing a rear lower valance for 2 years. With that being said, here is where things are as of today and it...
  13. marcredd

    Coventry Whitley Wheels

    I am a big fan toward a number of their wheels.
  14. marcredd


    Well....the lights I bought from the Craiglist listing for $125 came today and guess what???
  15. marcredd

    06 LSE Exhaust Tips:FS

    I have a set of oem 06 LSE exhaust tips for sale. These are the slanted type and in good shape. No rust. Came off of member's T-Money's car but I never installed as I am going to a dual tip setup. $50. Buyer pays shipping. Pm me with an email address and will send pics.
  16. marcredd

    06 Bumper Conversion Wiring Question

    About to change bumper covers tomorrow.....gen 1 halogen to gen 2 halogen. Does anyone readily know of a thread which shows in good detail what wiring changes need tobe made? I keep seeing references of such needed changes in threads but not a write up on exactly what needs to be done. I...
  17. marcredd

    AC Charging Issue: Thoughts

    Went to have my ac charged since the engine shop that did my swap did not recharge it. The ac worked fine and never needed charged since I bought the car. At the time I got the car back in December, I simply blew it off to them not recharging it. Fast forward to last week. I go to have it...
  18. marcredd

    Spare Tire Cover / Battery Door Mod

    This is a simple, but effective mod I am in the process of doing that will make my life a lot easier and may help one or two members who are in relatively the same boat. With the nitrous bottle going in soon, along with a 12 inch sub in a prefab box, I did not want to be in a position to...
  19. marcredd

    Nitrous Bottle Painted

    I know this is a touchy topic because everyone's taste is going to be drastically different when it comes to custom work. But, with that said, I had the bottle, as part of an entire system from Cammerfe, painted and airbrushed. I did contemplate putting the Lincoln emblem on it and nothing else...
  20. marcredd

    Fuel Door Removal Gen 1?

    I believe that I searched well but maybe I did not. Is there a thread on how to remove the fuel door on a gen 1? Is there something behind the plastic liner that is holding me up? I loosen the small bolts but they only go so far before just spinning in place. Any immediate help would be...