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  1. De-marko

    Devin's 06 LS - Round 2

    Glad to see your car is still kicking!!
  2. De-marko

    Official LS Picture Thread

    Nice pic!
  3. De-marko

    Carbon fiber wrapping my interior

    Looks good!
  4. De-marko

    Lincoln LS Drift Build

    Awesome work man! You need a front bumper cover?
  5. De-marko

    Manual Transmission swap options?

    The member Dwiggy has performed the swap using an automatic bell housing cut and modified to fit along with other mods he has performed. He hasn't been on in awhile but you could read up. dwiggy
  6. De-marko

    Lincoln LS Drift Build

  7. De-marko

    Iced LS's air ride equipped

    Wow!! Right on man! Yeah pics of the process!!
  8. De-marko

    The Evolution of My LS

    I see you on there, Look great man!! Lots of work! What does the future look like for mods?
  9. De-marko

    Yet another one gone

    Good! I'm not really a wide body guy but this one looks good.
  10. De-marko

    Yet another one gone

    Love the Stinger! Congrats! I'm on the Stingers Facebook page as an enthusiast primarily but would love to pick one up! I think K8 is the performance group that has been pushing the boundaries. Good luck with it and post a pic!
  11. De-marko

    I'M BACK!!! Brought her home today!

  12. De-marko

    2003 LS8 Build Thread

    He means the solid red tail lights. Most are two tone red/white. Looks good Rollin!
  13. De-marko

    2001 Lincoln LS V8 Secondary Tensioner question

    Best bet would be to call around and compare quotes. I wouldn't think it would be a but a couple hundred bucks.
  14. De-marko

    Need to Get Rid of LS

    Sorry to read that! :(
  15. De-marko

    What tire size would fit perfect for 18 inch 8.5w35+ offset wheel

    I have 18x8 with 38 offset. I'm running 245/45/18s all around and have no rubbing at all. the Eibach springs are installed as well.
  16. De-marko

    Lincoln LS Drift Build

    Yeah, I'd just stay here!
  17. De-marko

    Cheap air conditioning compressor

    Glad it worked out!
  18. De-marko

    Ebay Find '92 Mark VII LSC SE

    There was a guy that used to work where I worked that had a red SE a couple years ago. It was pretty clapped out and was 50% grey primer. Amazing how nice these cars were when new!
  19. De-marko

    Ebay Find '92 Mark VII LSC SE

    nice one!!