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  1. Ben's LS

    For Sale FS: Lincoln Decals and 1 Manoli Painted White Emblem

    Cleaning out the garage and found these that I never did get around to using. Have 8 Lincoln star decals (2 strips of 4) and I also have one Lincoln LS emblem for rear or front grille that I bought when Manoli was making them. It's painted white. $10 shipped for 4 decals or $12 shipped for...
  2. Ben's LS

    For Sale Gen 1 LSE Skirts For Sale

    Bought a set of the Gen 1 LSE skirts off of Alax awhile back and they're just taking up garage space. I will put a link to his thread with pics of them (they're the better set not the damaged ones). I can send current pics of them if anyone would like. PM with offers. Bought them for...
  3. Ben's LS

    New Plugs and Coils Now Car Won't Start

    Well, I replaced the coils and plugs on the LS and now the car won't start. Even took it all apart and put the old ones back in to see if maybe something was wrong with the new ones. Still won't start. The car won't even turn over. Any thoughts? I'm starting to run out of motivation with this car.
  4. Ben's LS

    Could you please fill out this quick survey?

    I need 20 people to fill out a survey by Wednesday. It's my last semester of my college career, so if you don't want me to fail I need responses! Just click on the link and take the survey. It will only take about a minute to complete. It's fairly simple, just rank your top five...
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    250gb xbox 360 and madden 13

    I'm selling my 250gb xbox 360 and a couple games on ebay if anyone is interested. xbox 360 madden 13 batman...
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    Lincoln LS Suspension Parts For Sale

    For sale is a set of rear Eibach springs for a Lincoln LS. Springs are brand new. Were installed for 5 miles and then removed. Also selling 2 Moog camber kits for the front wheels of a Lincoln LS. Pics here at this link: $100 OBO...
  7. Ben's LS

    Set of Rear Eibachs and Moog Camber Kit For Sale

    I am selling my set of rear eibach springs and my moog camber kits. The springs were installed and driven on for about 5 miles and then taken off. I decided to just go with Eibach's in the front. The Moog camber kits are brand new. I ended up not needing them. $100 OBO plus shipping for...
  8. Ben's LS

    Rear End Noise (Video)

    Driver side rear started making this noise a few days ago... I haven't had time to look around under the car yet, but I'm thinking that maybe it is control arm like this... Lincoln LS Suspension Noise - LCA Bushing - YouTube I really don't feel like paying hundreds upon hundreds of...
  9. Ben's LS

    Who needs what?

    I am thinking of making a run to the junkyard sometime in the next few weeks and was wondering if anyone on here needs parts. Last time I was there they had like 2 gen2's and 3 gen1's. Pm me if you are interested. Not looking to make money off this, just tryin to help everyone out.
  10. Ben's LS

    For Sale: LS Front Fender Mouldings

    I'm selling a set of black LS front fender mouldings. I've had them for awhile and never got around to getting them painted. I just decided these aren't the look I want to go with.
  11. Ben's LS

    Ben's LS

    Finally got the car paid off, so I will be able to invest money into some mods. I'm gonna make this my progress thread and just post everything I do in here. So glad to not have car payments to worry about anymore. Hopefully soon I will have some good stuff on here for you guys.
  12. Ben's LS

    Cleaning Water Spots in Headlights

    I have been getting bad moisture in my passenger side head light lately. I know how to take them apart and how to seal them and what not, but I was wondering if there is any way possible to clean the chrome reflectors inside the headlights for the high and low beams. I tried on a different...
  13. Ben's LS

    Front Brake Noise

    I've had new pads and rotors for a few months now and at first they were totally fine, but now the front brakes (not sure which side) are making a loud noise when I am braking at higher speeds. It usually occurs when I'm braking firmly from say like 50mph and higher. It's not a squeal it's more...
  14. Ben's LS

    Set of Lincoln LS Gen II Tail Lights and Trunk Lights for Sale

    I am selling a used set of Gen II LS tail lights and trunk lights. Lights are in good condition with just some minor surface scratches. They do not get moisture inside. Asking $200 OBO. Pm me with offers or questions. I would like to sell them as a set, but if the price is right I will sell them...
  15. Ben's LS

    For sale: Gen II Tail light and trunk lights

    For sale: set of used Gen II tail lights and trunk lights. Lights are in good condition with some minor light scratches. $200 for the whole set. Might sell them individuLly if the price is right. I will have pictures posted soon.
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    Safest and Deadliest Cars

    I know this article is old but I just thought it was nice to hear something positive about a gen 1 lol
  17. Ben's LS

    Police suck

    ok heres my rant My gf is a college student and lives on campus so she HAS to park in the resident parking lot. Her car was broken into the other night and had hundreds of dollars worth of stuff stolen from the car. She called the police and all they do is right down what happend. They dont...
  18. Ben's LS

    Plasti dip trim

    Any of you guys try this with the trim? My trim looks like crap so I was thinking of trying this since I already have some plasti dip. p.s. its a hot girl in the video ;) Plasti Dip Tutorial - YouTube
  19. Ben's LS

    Clear side marker lights for ls sport

    idk if any of you remember me trying to sell stuff on here to help pay for my winter tires, but i did manage to pull some money together for them but now my laptop completely stopped working and i gotta buy a new one. I bought a set of clear side marker lights for a lincoln ls sport awhile back...
  20. Ben's LS

    FOR SALE: Used set of rear Lincoln LS splash guards

    For sale is a used set of rear Lincoln LS splash guards. Asking $40 OBO. If you have any questions feel free to ask. The bottoms are scratched up just a little bit, but not too bad. The dark spot on the bottom of the right one is just water bc they were just removed from my car. PM me if...