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  1. n8bachelor

    DATC malfunction causes "passenger door ajar" message

    Need some tips here. 2006 LS with odd electrical malfunctions. Press passenger window down switch and the "passenger door ajar" message comes up with the message center beep. Window functions abnormally and I've had to pull it up a few times. Message goes away once the switch is released...
  2. n8bachelor

    She studdddders

    This weekend my 06 LS with just 50k miles started to hesitate and shudder right about 2k rpm. Happens in 4th and 5th gear when the engine is loaded for mild accelleration. Any sharp acceleration will drop a gear and go but that 1800-2200 range has started to buck. I'm assuming this is coils...
  3. n8bachelor

    Does it have that LS?

    I was just parking and asked "does it haul ass" Yeah I guess. Well, does it have that LS in there. Ummm no, it's a Jag v8 not an LS engine. *confused look* Guess the "LS V8" badge threw him off.
  4. n8bachelor

    2006 LS stereo install pics

    I wanted to share my install. Goal was to keep it looking factory and clean as much as possible. Car started as 2006 Lincoln LS with factory (sucky) NAV. Pioneer Head unit was installed last summer using the factory wiring, factory amps, and wire harness connection. Removed the trunk nav system...
  5. n8bachelor

    back up camera

    I'm getting ready to install a 4-channel amp and speakers to go with my Pioneer avh-4700 head unit and want to throw in a reverse camera too. I know the reverse lights are negative triggered and cameras are typically constant ground with positive trigger. What sort of relay, switch, or gizmo...
  6. n8bachelor

    New battery won't start car

    Hi guys. I'm having trouble starting my car. I know these are known for some electrical gremlins but this is my first time dealing with them. My last LS was relatively error free for 100k. First the background: 2006 Lincoln LS with under 50,000 miles. Has aftermarket head unit but...
  7. n8bachelor

    Odd whistle from the dash

    Here's an odd one for the group: I have a strange whistle from the front dash shortly after I start the car. Seems reproducible at the first medium acceleration after the car is started. If I keep it under 2k I don't hear it but that first time pulling out onto the highway or main road it is...
  8. n8bachelor

    HAIL Mary

    I got some hail damage on the aluminum hood, trunk lid, and front fenders last week. About 5 spots on the hood, 5 on the trunk and 3 on the driver's finder. The hail was dime size so the dents are not large, but I'm going to see them all the time. Has anyone successfully removed hail damage...
  9. n8bachelor

    New plate for Lisa:

    Normally I would not post my plate online, but that is the point of a custom plate; to show your support and take pride in something (emphasis on the E).
  10. n8bachelor

    I picked up an '06 LS with 28,800 miles on it

    Meet Lisa:
  11. n8bachelor

    Springfield Armory XDm 40

    I'm considering buying myself a XDm 40 in 3.8" size for Christmas. Primary use is home defense, but it will have several hundred rounds a year put through it for practice and fun... Anyone here have experience with this gun? It has very nice features but I'm not sure if it is worth the extra...
  12. n8bachelor

    Rear differential repair

    Car has developed a noticeable grind/howl from the back end that I suspected was the differential (aka 3rd member). Took it to the shop and they test drove it and put in on the lift to diagnose the problem. Shop said it was the pinion bearing going out making that noise. After the bill of...
  13. n8bachelor

    Gen2 V6 Coil, Plug, Gasket, IMT valve replacement

    OK folks. Here's the deal. I replaced the plugs, coils, upper and lower intake manifold gaskets, pcv valve & elbow, and intake manifold tuning valves about 6 months ago and am finally getting around to posting the howto photos. I took a lot so stay with me. To start out I had some trouble...
  14. n8bachelor

    Pair of CobraStars for Sale

    I've had several PM's so here is my for sale thread. These are NEW. Never installed, exactly as I received them from Geno so long ago. I just didn't think they looked right on my car. My photos aren't as good as Geno's, but you know what you are getting.
  15. n8bachelor

    WTB: Passenger side OEM HID Headlight

    I'm not concerned by the cosmetic condition. Must contain bulbs & balast. Hit me up if you have one.
  16. n8bachelor

    Gen2 V6 engine teardown

    OK not a complete teardown. I'm about to start my 100,000 mile tune-up. I've got gaskets, plugs, coils, filters, and the PCV elbow to replace. Need to pick up some RTV sealant and some anti-cease in the morning. I've heard of problems removing the bolts on the tower brace. Do you think...
  17. n8bachelor

    Remanufactured Wheels?

    Has anyone tried this site: They sell "remanufactured OE wheels". What exactly does that mean? Do they take an OEM wheel and copy it using their own factory? I've heard refurbished and reconditioned but never remanufactured. These are the wheels I'm looking at...
  18. n8bachelor

    Ford Duratech 3.0l V6...

    powers this beauty:
  19. n8bachelor

    Green Bay FTW

    Go Pack! That is all.
  20. n8bachelor

    v6 Engine Ticking

    So, I noticed a strange ticking noise coming from the engine yesterday while I was at the drive-thru. It was fast and seemed to increase with the RPMs but there was no hesitation or sluggishness. On the way home tonight the car lit the CEL. There are still no driveability issues but something...