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    looking for a 2010 lsotm calendar with my car in it

    Refer above
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    Bringing my car back to life

    Hey guys, as you know I've been gone awhile. Allot has happened to my car since I've been gone. Sold my halos, sold my sentas, my OZ Wheels, and my fondmetals. Also sold my intake. About 3 ago i got my bumper repainted because the wife backed into it. Well one month later my drywall...
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    New'ish member back!

    Been a long time but I'm back. Never sold my car but I did sell my halos, 3sets of Wheels and my intake. I still have my Zeus Wheels which I will be picking up from the paint shop today. Will post pics later.. here are a few more cars I have picked up along the way
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    The Mark 3, back when marks were cool

    Just wanted to show you guys my latest Lincoln. It's a Mark3 1971. Mint condition with 66k miles.
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    Long Time LVC'er seeks help

    Hey guys, how ya been. Haven't been on much but recently have rekindled the love for my ls. I'm wanting to do a light restore on a few areas and I'm in search of some parts at a good price. I need, 1. Full lug nut set on the cheap, Oem style 2. Fog lamp housings for lse/ 03-06 bumper...
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    just bought 66 continental sedan

    Hey guys, first off, still have the ls, second, came across a 66 continental had to buy it. It runs and drives great, smooth shifts. All instruments work the chrome is virtually flawless. Interior is 100% original and a 8.5 out of 10. It has the usual dash crack. Underneath the original...
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    overheating, fail safe mode, and spilling coolent sometimes

    my car has been overheating recently, and i have noticed my fan seems to be running very loudly at these times or when it seems to be rising in temp. Noticed coolent on the ground yesterday and couldnt even drive one mile before it overheated. . topped off the collent to search for leaks...
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    03+ lincoln ls rack, genuine ford part

    around 10k miles on rack 250 shipped obo
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    try driving to indy and back to illinois with this ... i did

    ha survived
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    OZ ultrallegra wheels for sale

    all wheels pretty much perfect.... wont be disappointed... very light wheels . was wanting in the 600 range but will entertain offers. these were custom drilled so no other LS will have these..... buy them now........seriousy
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    2004 LSE, 68k warranty to 100k

    need it gone 13,500 FIRM no negotiating.. if u know my car u know its nice, will come with jaguar zeus wheels.. Nav, rear heated seats bla bla .. i have pics on here some where so look for them because my computer is jacked... serious people only please ...... o, lowered on eibachs, and...
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    My life, Awesome

    hey guys.. im not on here too much anymore so i thought id update u guys on how awesome my life is.. I still ove the LS although im trying to get rid of it.. Ive fallen in love with the new mks or the SHO, eco boost of course , and will hopefully be purchasing one when my house closes on...
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    I Need Stock Nav Unit Lincoln Ls

    need one on the cheap, anyone have one? kicking myself for selling mine
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    For sale 2004 LSE 57,000 Miles

    I have my car for sale, it will be stock and can come with the zeus wheels or the ultraleggra wheels, the senta wheels are pending payment, if that falls through then i could possibly sell the car with all three sets of wheels... it will come with the pioneer f90bt.. the car drives and...
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    Eibachs, 2nd Gen Hid Halos, Wheels Wheels Cai

    i have all my aftermarket stuff for sale.. eibach lowering springs 150 jaguar zeus wheels with spare 1200 obo OZ racing ultraleggra wheels... one off set.. 1000 Jaguar Senta wheels... 1500 K&N intake...140 Stock HID headlights with halos. bezels painted vivid red...500 these come...
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    mclaren grille and other parts for sale

    Grille , taking offers. paint code ts, silver frost metallic black center 20 IN JAG SENTA wheels /.... see my other thread 18 in OZ racing wheels 245/50 nitto invos 1000.00 also other parts in my other thread..... PMs only thanks
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    Any one wanna buy my LS?``

    2004 LSE, warranty up to 100,000, transferable.... mods listed in sig. will come with all wheels and tires... extras... Nav etc etc...... 50,000 miles well maintained.. just testing waters.. have my eye on a stype R
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    20 INCH JAG senta wheels for sale

    ok so im finally over the 20's//// you can view pics in the ls of month section/ wheels are near perfect condition , no curb rash , 90 percent tread at the very least.. great set of wheels .. pm serious offers to me and highest bidder takes .... i bought a new set so need the cash
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    hubcentric rings??`

    anyone have any for their aftermarket wheels?? what is the hub diameter or the center bore on our hubs/ wheels.. i have those OZ's i got from cam and they dont sit on the hub, they are basically lugcentric instead of the favored hub centric.. help .....