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    On a road trip from Arizona to Montana, this happened in 30 miles in the Salmon River canyon in Idaho. Just 30 miles made it nearly impossible to see, and of course it was at night. 1st time ever I had to stop a trip due to bugs. Normally if I had left them to accumulate for the entire 1300 or...
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    Copperstate 1000

    The annual Copperstate 1000 was held in Arizona. Some of the most beautiful cars ever (showroom specials and garage queens, spotless....) were out there ready to take on whatever road conditions Arizona dishes out.
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    RM Sothebys Auction pictures

    Just a few of the cars at the preview last week.
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    Spings and shocks

    Has anyone done this Jaguar S-type Spring and shock conversion? It may be common knowledge to many but I am a bit gunshy on this one. I heard somewhere that the H&R spring kit for the 1999-2002 Jaguars Stype will fit, and then (due to the dimensional difference in the spring) the S-type Bilstein...
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    Need Shocks, cannont believe what I'm seeing

    Did the search, and after seing the way it lists shocks in threads, I will be the first to admit I don't have hours to spend trying to find this. I have heard Jag shocks can be made to work on the LS. Can someone point me in the right direction? Bilstein makes shocks for the S Jag, are they that...
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    For Sale 2005 Lincoln LS V8 Ultimate 77K mi $12,000

    Ok, I love all my cars, trouble is there are too many to keep up with and without getting into psycho-babble about why I'm selling, it's hard enough to sell this car to get into the why's. Suffice it to say it is NOT because there is anything wrong with it. The bad: car is the less than...
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    LS emblem decal

    I've put fire extinguishers in all my cars and I always put a marque decal on the extinguisher. It's worked pretty well, so far. I have never had so much trouble getting an emblem for a car I owned. I have stacks of them for all my cars, er, well with one exception. Where in the hell...
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    DD pics

    Yep, see'm all the time. Thought I'd throw some in I took recently. The little !hit already has 10K on it....
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    Overdue suspension upgrade

    This relates to the LS forum but yet doesn't directly. My SVT Focus is a near 100K car and was still on original suspension, it's now just got H&R coilovers. What a change, it really feels wonderful and doesn't look half bad either. It's a world opposite to the LS, which has choice...
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    Tired of Lamborghini until I saw this one

    No, not the model and ignore the bleedin Porsche sign..... A little less monochromatic color treatment and I think it would be hot.
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    Jaguar C-X75 Concept

    I understand getting fired up over a concept is a long wait for a train that's never going to arrive but that can't stop this car from being gorgeous. Jury's still out on the nose treatment but it still doesn't stop it from being stunning.
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    Fast for a Sunbeam

    So the Bugatti may have done north of 250 mph and that makes this seem a bit weak but when you compare the technology and the money involved, this little beastie is pretty fast for a Sunbeam Alpine. Finally displacing...
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    Esprit Night Pics

    Since the night LS photo shoot turned out ok, I took advantage of an excuse to get the Esprit out of the garage. During the summer here there are very few events and this S1 has no AC so it waits for fall for something to do. Security gave me some grief but after apologizing for being in the...
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    Need to pick a calendar shot

    Please help me pick a shot. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
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    Ordered last October, arrived July 23rd

    Didn't take from Oct to July to build, but did take about as long as my Fiesta did. The ultimate Firefly fan collectible.
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    LS steps down from duties

    After a long hard stint as the Daily driver, the LS finally got relieved and can assume the role of special occasion car. We picked up this little gem as a commuter car. I'm lovin it! Still have it's big brother for those twisty mountain road 'get your ya ya's out'...
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    New rubber

    Just got new Pirelli Pzero asymmetrico's, I just love the hell out of these tires. Oh, and I thought the rims could use some wax too (though not a lot of fun), it always revitalizes them. They still have it after 60K.....
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    Concorso Arizona

    I try to make this every year. Some of the nicest cars there were visitors in the parking lot. I have quite a few more pics if anyone wants more.
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    Wing Spoiler spotting

    So I'm lazy, I made these poor chopped images for a thread I tried on another site. Might as well try it here, esp after reading the thread "Name that car". What's the car?
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    I've wanted one since 1977

    I've been a Lotus freak since I was a teen. First for the Europa specials, then the Esprit. I even have a pic of me at about age 20 sitting in one (the pace car that day) at a race track in Spokane Washington. I bought my first Lotus, an Esprit, a month ago, made the trip from Arizona to...