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    For Sale For Sale, SCT X4 tuner for LS $250

    Selling my SCT X4 i bought new from Torrie last spring. I sold the LS last fall to an old friend who decided he didn't want the tune anymore so i returned it to stock and now have the SCT I don't have use for anymore. Brand new they are $389 plus tunes, I'll sell mine for $250, free shipping. I...
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    Finally selling my LS

    I hate to do it as I've always loved this car....But I'm upgraded to a Jaguar XF that i'm picking up tomorrow, so I'll be ok :) If anyone is interested here' the posting...
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    For Sale 2004 Lincoln LS V8, fully loaded, modded as well

    After 7 years I'm finally selling my baby as I'm moving up to a Jaguar. This car has been babied since I bought it in 2007 with 28k miles. She's black on black with the V8, navigation, THX sound system, power everything, and 18" volvo rims. Today she hit 108,000 miles. So far as I know the only...
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    Caliper Sliding Pin bolt Fused itself to the caliper??

    Maybe someone here knows some metallurgy and can explain how this happens. I was removing my brakes and had a seized caliper bolt that just wouldn't budge. Note, the sliding Pin was just fine, it was the bolt that screws into the pin itself that was seized. I took off the caliper and tried the...
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    It's not often i admit defeat with this car

    Tried to tackle the rear bearing in the garage. Was nervous as hell about it, and apparently had a right to be. I picked up the bearing removal tools from harbor freight not realizing they won't work on the Damn hub! I tried hammering it out with zero success and I'm not sure what else to do in...
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    ? for those who have replaced their own bearings, worth it?

    I'm pretty sure I've got a bad rear bearing. I was hearing a clunking noise and a little floating sensation on the highway, and since I've replaced the lower control arm, sway bar links, lateral arm, and shocks in the last 6 months, i figured something new was up, and sure enough the wheel has...
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    New Exhaust, Dynomax Ultra Flo-X pics and video

    I got my exhaust system installed this morning. It's a Dynomax Ultra Flo-X dual in dual out with the built in X pipe, 2.5" pipe out the back, and all stock resonators/crossovers whatever removed. I put some silverline 3.5" double walled tips at the end. I was concerned about it fitting ok, but...
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    New Exhaust on its way, now decision time on tips!

    Between my previous Mark VIII and this LS i've had nearly 7 years now I've always wanted an exhaust, but it was always a...(sorry about this) pipe dream for me. I finally decided this was going to be the year I really put work into the LS and therefore I found what I hope to be my exhaust. I'm...
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    Carpet Removal instructions?

    I'm thinking about adding some Luxury Liner Pro since as my car ages I'm getting more and more road noise. Before I go spend the money I'm curious if the work involved would make it not worth the trouble. Any tricks to removing the carpeting, or anything I should be concerned about?
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    Engine Bay painting progress

    I still have a few other pieces left to paint, namely the coil covers, that black plastic cover on the far left side, and perhaps the power steering reservoir lid, but i think its coming along nicely. Having the glossy plastic makes the bay look extra clean IMO. While i was at it i also painted...
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    Notice to anyone who has purchased from Tasca Parts lately

    I've had 2 credit cards spoofed in the last few weeks and I couldn't figure out how they got my info, but Tasca just posted on their site that their credit card processing service was hacked. If you've purchased from them in the last few months take a careful look at your statements!
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    Headlights, Before and After

    Thanks to the advice of you fine folks I tackled my headlights last weekend. I actually tried this last summer using the 3M kit, but i used their protectant crap which only lasted a month or so before the haze came back. This time i finished with Spar Urethane, but out of a spray can as it was...
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    Painting engine plastics, to sand or not to sand?

    In my quest to do cheap car stuff I'm thinking about painting the some of the plastics in the engine bay like the heat shield and some other parts that have faded with age. My 2004LS is black so I'm sticking with black in there as well, but glossier/cleaner. Having never painted plastic before...
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    Nevermind, I was just too impatient, it looks ok now. Mods, please feel free to delete this post.
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    Which size thermostat for 04 V8?

    My Thermostat is stuck in the open position, so time for a replacement. Rockauto lists 2 sizes, 54m and 37mm. I tried searching but no previous thread i found was specific. Which size do I need? I've heard its also a good time to replace the housing and the seal, correct? Can someone be kind...
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    Jaguar 12.6" brakes + RotorPros Crossed Drilled/Slottod Rotors= Sexiness

    I combined Kumba's Jaguar S-type Sport larger rotors with the RotorPros slotted and cross drilled group buy. I got the fronts mounted tonight, but its been storming so these pics aren't great. They look awesome in person, very nice quality. I have the rears the mount yet before i take it for a...
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    FS: Blackberry Curve 8530 (Verizon)

    I'm selling a mint condition Blackberry Curve 8530 for verizon. I used it the last few months when my Droid bricked and i was finally able to get me a new Bionic. so i don't need the BB anymore. Asking $75 or best offer. PM or email me at No trades please!
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    New Rims (RIP Chrome)

    I originally bought chrome 18's 2 years ago but without winter rims the harsh ohio winters corroded them bad. I debated between getting new chrome ones and some junky winter rims, but decided to save money and just get painted rims. These are the ebay volvo ones, someone else here has them too...
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    am i missing something with the serpentine belt?

    Went to replace the serpentine belt on the 2004 LS v8 today. on my mark it was a ten minute job, the LS however... I've got the belt mostly off but i can't get it from around the tensioner pulley. it feels like there is a lip on the engine block that stops me from bring the belt from behind the...
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    WTB Stock wheels and tires (LS)

    I need some cheap winter rims! i had chrome rims but with no winter rims the salt ate through them and I'm forced to buy a new pair of rims this week. To avoid this happening again i want some winter rims. I don't care too much how they look as long as they aren't bent or anything. I would...