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    For Sale LS Gen 2 DATC w/ heated and cooled seats

    DATC for Gen 2 Heated / cooled seats control Silver color Believe it was pulled from a 2005 Decent shape, but not immaculate. Taking pictures, it’s really just a couple very light discolorations on the bottom left and right edges, and a faint couple scratches on the glass. Just looking to recoup...
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    For Sale 2005 Soundmark CD-6 Unit

    Finished (mostly) my in-dash raspberry pi touch screen project to replace the stock radio, so this is left over. Works great, silver color, 6cd changer, etc - you know the rest. PM an offer.
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    Seat Motor Rebuild

    Hi All; This post will outline how I went about rebuilding my seat motors, going from having only lumbar and recline in both the front seats, to every axis working correctly. A good project for this time, where many of you are at home, and might have a few days to do it, and don't have to rush...
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    New from New England

    Howdy LVC'ers, Recently purchased a 2005 LS Sport Black & Tan with ~145k. Found this forum when researching the car before buying it, and just want to say it has been an extraordinary resource from the beginning. I'm getting to know the car and it's systems as I perform some overdue maintenance...
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    For Sale 00-02 Traction Control Switch

    Howdy folks, Giving away the extra traction control switch that came with my car. Original owner probably thought a new switch was needed, but it was the mounting posts on the trim that were broken. Fixed that, still have the extra switch. Pictures here: It is used, but rather good condition...