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    Did I Get Vandalized By Rats?

    Popped my hood one morning and found this. Is this the beginnings of a rat's nest? (Also, that same morning when I turned it on, it was running very rough. Was also throwing code P0133, but I honestly don't remember if it had that code the day before this or not.)
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    Transmission Slow to Engage Reverse

    On Friday night, a girl I talk to asked me what I would do if my Lincoln ever became undriveable (I had apparently neglected to tell her about my experiences with ball joints and broken timing chain tensioners and the fun my dad and I had fixing them). I began to tell her "that won't happen. the...
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    Miss at idle, Stuttering from 40-60 mph, no CEL. I'm at my wit's end.

    I'll give a little background on the car... '01 with about 140,000 miles on it. Last September it snapped a tensioner, and sat for several months before we tore everything apart. We replaced the timing chains, guides, and tensioners. After all that, it ended up not starting. So we replaced the...
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    Teardown for the tensioners

    Don't mind me here, just venting, and sharing my recent experience, or lack thereof, with my Lincoln. In September, just a week before my birthday, I was leaving the art store, started it up, and it was shaking like a madman. Over the next few weeks it was throwing an odd assortment of codes...
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    Anybody ever officially lose their keys?

    I haven't seen mine in over a week, and two days in a row, all day long I tore apart my house looking for them. Even went on Google, typed in "how to find lost stuff," :D followed the twelve step method, and nothing. They're long gone, and possibly stolen. I've accepted the possibility...
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    Bank 1, Bank 2 confusion

    Yes, I searched. Made me more confused. Are Bank 1 and the left bank the same side of the car? Got the P0420 code in August. I took it to ford and got the "left bank cat. converter" replaced. Got the P0420 code again, took it to Ford and now they're saying the bank 1 catalytic...
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    Ball joints, Control Arms, and Confusion..

    Not sure if this is the place for this.. And I tried searching but I'm still a little confused.. A while ago my car started thudding over bumps.. then whenever I turned the wheel it would make this screeching noise.. the noise got louder and louder. Had my dad look at it, He said it was...
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    New One From California

    Hello, and Happy New Years to everyone.. I have an 01 Lincoln LSV8. Bought it for $2500 almost 3 years ago, and so far it's been interesting, to say the least. I've changed a coil, some spark plugs, the alternator, brakes, rotors, and had to get a new catalytic converter. And of...