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    Engine Needed, Mark VIII

    Well guys, i ran my mark viii through a puddle a few weeks back and broke the rod for cylinder 8, so im looking for a motor. If yall got one let me know.
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    Doing my heater core at work tomorrow, need advice or a writeup.

    hey everyone, im doing my heater core at work tomorrow, and i am being given 6.9 hours to replace it in. I need to know if there is a writeup to doing it, and whether the whole dash needs pulled or what. Thanks
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    Wrecked my bronco again, hit a horse. Yea i said it, a horse.

    Well, it happend again, my bronco is essentially totaled again, (yesterday) was crusing home from work, doing about 55, when all of a sudden, a random horse appears, And yes, it was a actual horse, a clydesdale around 1800 lbs, hit it so hard it flew about 20 ft, i slid and spun into a...
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    Trans blew something, details inside, help?

    Hey, on the way home from work today, i nailed the gas coming up a hill, then all of a sudden i was puking blue smoke behind me, i stopped and found my transmission and exhaust soaked with fluid. i Stopped to investigate. At first i thought it was my transmission rear seal, which has...
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    WTB WTT: Mark viii parts Details inside

    Hey everyone, i need the items listed below, and am willing to buy or trade items which i currently have for sale (air ride parts, 4 snowflakes, a set of good halogen housings, holset hx35w turbocharger., i also have a gen 2 mark viii cluster and hvac) I Need: front abs sensors, 1997 mark...
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    For Sale Transmission crossmember, with all poly bushings. And 4 Snowflakes wheels.

    Hey everyone, I have a transmission crossmember for sale, it has the poly outer-mount-bushings from SCP, and a poly trans-mount from energy suspension. Asking for $40 Plus Ship Also have a set of snowflake wheels too, pictured is the worst of the set. Asking $25 each, shipping would be...
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    For Sale Mark VIII Base Exhaust Manifolds to resonator.

    Well everyone, i have a stock mark viii exhaust, from the front to the middle. This includes both manifolds, all three cats, and the resonator. I can get $70 a peice for the cats at scrap, so im askin $200 for the exhaust. Will Ship
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    Subframe Swappage, and somewhat fail. lol

    Posted this in the WDYDTYM8 Thread too, but figured id add pics here Well yesterday i; Loaded my subframe from my old 95 into the trunk of the 97 (the one i built with all polyurethane, new rack&pinion, new control arms, and new hubs, new calipers, and crossdrilled rotors.) Drove to my...
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    For Sale Complete air-suspension setup 1997 Mark VIII

    Hey guys, i have a complete air ride setup for sale. this includes both front bags, solenoids and ride height sensors. Both rear bags, solenoids, and sensor Compressor and relay. Dryer, and lines. Condition on all parts i would say is between good and very good, except rear passenger bag...
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    Service info, Manuals, Diagrams, Specifications, you name it, FREE Login: tech Password: tech Disclaimer from the site: "Login through the TCTS/Public Use System, is based on the honor system, it is privileged and can be removed at any time, if such evidence of misuse, or commercial use is reported, the free to use...
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    What color is my mark viii, specifically?

    Well the title pretty much says it all, i call it blurple, but id like to know the real name.
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    Stormfinder's Diesel 4BTA Bronco Builds

    Ok Guys, So Buildup #1 1990 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer stock: 351/e4od Anyway here goes, Nov' 2010 I pick up a Cummins 4BTA, that i pulled from a running Frito Lay truck. $1900 Dollars 32156 Miles After This, i cleaned the motor and painted it, and coated the exhaust, sometime...
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    For Sale Arnot Coil Conversion MARK VIII

    This is the kit i have, I have used mine for 148 (yes only 148) miles, until my 95 blew its top after being rebuilt (bad crank bearing) They have been in storage since january and i would rather the kit go to someone who can use it. (ill be staying airride on the 97) My asking price is...
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    WTB: 2nd gen mark viii key hole surround. Gray.

    Hey everyone, Im looking for the Ignition Key Surround plate. Grey One To remove it you remove the lock cylinder from the ignition interlock cylinder by pushing the pin, and then gently prying the plate off (its held on with 2 clips)
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    Somebody stole my keys! How do i replace?

    Well everyone, my roommate i kicked out seems to have stolen my Lincoln keys last night. I have already contacted police but there is nothing they can do without proof that i did not infact lose them. (i hung them on the keychain, comeon) So my question to you all is, how do i go about...
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    Post your mileage (also a poll!)

    Well guys, i searched, and since i didnt see one of these threads, i figured id post one. Now, i know some of us have troubles admitting our beloved vehicles miles like telling our age truthfully, but its all for fun. Instructions: Post your mileage, and check the box for the poll...
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    Photoshop request.. Please!!!

    Can someone photoshop these and these onto this
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    W3Z2 Mark VIII ECM, BEST Factory Tune (93-95)

    Hey Everyone, Im Selling my spare ecm from my Old first gen. I Am asking only $40 Dollars. the Cpu does work, as i just tested it and had no problems. The reason the price is so low is that one side of the plastic connector is broken off (The small side to the left of the sticker)...
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    Any near Metro Atlanta Or Macon!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey fellow members, Anyone near atlanta or macon think a get together this summer would be kinda cool?
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    Radio Interference AM & FM, Neon Brake Related

    Hey guys, here goes Couple weeks ago i replaced the dead neon, with a junkyard part. I reconnected all the wires including the ground. However, now every time i hit the brakes i have crazy static, on certain bands, some stay clear Parking light has low static, still can hear music...