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  1. T-Money

    For Sale 2006 loaded 36k miles

    I'm sure no one around here will be interested so I'm not going to put a lot of time into this posting. My LS is for sale. 2006 fully loaded except heated rear seats. 36k on the clock. Never seen snow. Only 2 owners. Originally a California car. Paint job is 2 years old. Graphite shadow...
  2. T-Money

    For Sale Misc 2006 lincoln ls parts

    I'm sure the community of members around here has changed a bit since I was last active around here. I had a 2006 that was involved in a wreck in the fall of 2011 and ended up parting it out. Been a 2006 LS owner since July of 2008 and after 8 years I am finally selling my current LS and am...
  3. T-Money

    For Sale Jaguar Calipers for LS big brake upgrade.

    I bought 4 calipers for the Jag big brake upgrade. They are off off of a 2010 Jaguar XK, but the part number is the same as the 06-08 STR. The only difference is these do not have the "R" on them, which makes it easier to paint a lincoln emblem or something on them. I paid $380 in July which...
  4. T-Money

    For Sale Gen I LSE skirts for sale

    Still have my perfect condition gen I skirts for sale. Reduced price now makes them a really good buy. Made for 2002 LSE's but will fit any year LS. $175 + $50 for shipping. Will add pics soon.
  5. T-Money

    For Sale 18" chrome american racing wheels.

    18" like new chrome american racing maverick wheels. Falken Tires included basically for free with lots of tread left. $680 Shipping is $220. Could be a lot less if you don't want the tires. Listing in ebay. Will post pics here soon. PayPal here or buy on eBay.
  6. T-Money

    For Sale 2004 lincoln LSE. 44k miles.

    Selling our 2004 lincoln LSE. Vivid red exterior over black leather. V8. Only 44k miles. Second owner. Garage kept. Extremely clean. Equipt with factory navigation with thx sound system, rear parking aid, hid headlights, and everything else that the LSE package comes standard with. Comes with...
  7. T-Money

    For Sale LS Accessories, Mclaren grille, Jag R calipers, Gen I LSE Skirts and rear valance.

    Probably going to my storage unit tomorrow to clean it out. I will be selling some things that i had bought for the LS, but am no longer intending to use. Will add Pictures when I go to take them.. Also I'm likely going to just throw these items up on eBay to maximize my earning potential...
  8. T-Money

    Trying to install a magnaflow.

    06 LS V8. Dropped my car off to get the car back magnaflow system installed today. Except it doesn't fit correctly. Trying to figure out if my x pipe with attached resonators is the right part or not. Called magnaflow and they said the system does not fit an 06. I say B.S. Then I...
  9. T-Money

    Need Your Pictures for Project/ possible cover idea.

    I'm working on a little project that and after discussing it with a few others, if it turns out well it may be a possibility for the cover if the group likes it. I'm making a collage, not of LS's but of the tiny parts and pieces of the LS that represent LINCOLN. I don't know how many...
  10. T-Money

    new pics. red LSE. need input. not your usual thread these days.

    Last year i was allowed to submit a photo of each of the LS's in the family so plan to do the same this year. Dad is putting the LSE in storage today, so i woke up early and told him i need to steal his car for 20 minutes if he really wanted to be in the calendar this year(which he does, keeps...
  11. T-Money

    For Sale Stock 2002 17" sport wheels. (Winter wheels) CHEAP

    Have a set of stock 2002 17" 5 spoke sport wheels. Overall condition of the wheels is decent. I sanded them down 2 or so years ago and painted them blackish green shadow color. But I did all the hard sanding so who ever buys them, if they decide to repaint them, would just have to do some light...
  12. T-Money

    For Sale 2002 lincoln LSE side skirts.

    As the title says. Have a set of 2002 LSE skirts. Mint condition all they need is paint. Just giving you a advanced warning that I have them forsale. They are still at my body shop, but I will bring them home and take pictures of them next week and probably throw them on eBay to get the...
  13. T-Money

    For Sale 2002 Lincoln LSE replica spoiler.

    Bought this: The body shop I went to said it would not fit my 06. So selling it. Probably fits 00-02 and not so much the gen II because the trunk lid is slightly different. Asking 100...
  14. T-Money

    For Sale FS 2004 Factory Chrome LSE Wheels

    " " Have a set of 4 2004 Factory LSE wheels. 17" with a 60+ Offset. Chrome finish. Valve stems and center caps included. No curb rash! Taken off the vehicle at 31k miles. Not driven in snow. You can see 2 of the wheels cleaned up really well on the inside, the other two I did clean a...
  15. T-Money

    Wheels, gen II seats

    Black gen II seats: 18" American racing wheels: Those wheels are the same as...
  16. T-Money

    How many students on here?..

    I'm 22. Went to a community college after high school for 2 years but was in more of a party type of mind set. Within the 2 years I only completed the amount of courses that a student should finish in one year. I then took 2 years off and just decided to sign up for classes that start tomorrow...
  17. T-Money

    Milwaukee members?

    Anyone live in or very near to Milwaukee WI? I could use a favor.
  18. T-Money

    Left over parts blow out.

    Some of my left over parts from the totaled ls are still for sale. i will post a detailed list of what parts are left early next week. Please do not post In this thread until I list the parts that are for sale I shouldn't have posted this thread yet. Sorry to post this here , I completely...
  19. T-Money

    Mclaren grille

    This grille needs an owner who is good at thinking outside the box. Someone who is handy and can make something out of nothing., All of the tabs are gone except one.. This was FLA02LS's grille.. Unfortunately he did not disclose everything about this grille, i was told it was only missing 2...
  20. T-Money

    Last minute photo poll.

    After a failed attempt at some night shots. I have nothing new.. If any seem calendar worthy vote for them, if not do not vote lol .. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.