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    LS COPs 5 good 2 not-so-good and 1 unknown

    Anyone in need of used factory cops for 3.9? $20 gets them shipped to you. PM me.
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    5R55 Repairs

    For anyone unlucky enough to have bought one of these... :eek: There are a few solutions to make this transmission work as it should: 1) Fluid - get rid of the crappy "Mercon V" and put in actual Mercon V Symptoms - You won't really notice anything except the failing solenoid 2)...
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    5r55n v6

    A completely refurb'd 5R55N is up for grabs. This is for a V6 bellhousing and comes with a refurb'd torque converter. This was $1500 and I needed a V8. :( Any reasonable offer considered.
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    Torque Converter Stud Count

    Newbie in need of TC help. I got a steal on an fully reman'd 5r55n for my 2000 V8. As I'm taking the old one out I notice that my original has an eight stud torque converter and the replacement one comes with four studs. Searching the interwebz leads me to think the 8 stud is high stall...
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    PCV Elbow

    This part: is allowing unmetered air into my engine (I believe). Is this the elbow to which many of you replace with YL8Z-6A614-AA? "PCV Elbow" did not return useful threads. 2000 LS8
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    Newbie LS Owner

    Howdy. After a total loss of my most beloved F150 I am now in a LS while I search for my next F350. Great boards here and you've already helped me tons with my decision. Thank you to all.