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    What did you do to your LS today?

    Turned it on for the first time in months. Oil in at least one of the plug wells.
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    Did I Get Vandalized By Rats?

    Popped my hood one morning and found this. Is this the beginnings of a rat's nest? (Also, that same morning when I turned it on, it was running very rough. Was also throwing code P0133, but I honestly don't remember if it had that code the day before this or not.)
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    Unbelievable MPG in this 2006 LS

    I have a 2001 with a little over 200k on it, and get around 26-28 mpg on the highway. In the city though it's dreadful. I'm only getting 12-14 mpg, but that's because I live in an area where the distance between lights is huge. So we go from 0-40-0 mph quickly and often.
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    What did you do to your LS today?

    I've got tape over it now. Is there any chance of it slipping further down the tube? I honestly was thinking about trying some jb weld on one end of a a pen or something and putting it to the tip of what's left in there, then trying to gently pull it up.
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    What did you do to your LS today?

    Thanks! I'll look into doing that when I get home from work... hopefully it's not raining (80% chance today).
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    What did you do to your LS today?

    I broke my oil dipstick. The dipstick is resting in the tube with no handle attached.
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    Cooling System & Timing Chain Tensioners Inquiry

    as far as the tensioners go, it's time consuming and hellish. my father and i did the work ourselves, so i don't believe i spent over maybe $600. my car runs better now than it did before though.
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    Transmission Slow to Engage Reverse

    :cool: not going to lie. i read the third one somewhere on here and tried before anything. Thank you. I'm going to read through that shortly. Apparently my searching wasn't as thorough as I had believed.
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    Transmission Slow to Engage Reverse

    On Friday night, a girl I talk to asked me what I would do if my Lincoln ever became undriveable (I had apparently neglected to tell her about my experiences with ball joints and broken timing chain tensioners and the fun my dad and I had fixing them). I began to tell her "that won't happen. the...
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    Official LS Picture Thread

    My hobbies include driving around looking for places to take pictures of my car. Unfortunately I don't have one from this angle without a car driving past in the background.
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    What make/model did someone mistake your LS for?

    my dads girlfriend once thought it to be a mitsubishi diamante. thankfully he's no longer with her.
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    Miss at idle, Stuttering from 40-60 mph, no CEL. I'm at my wit's end.

    I'm going to go check the plugs right now, because I'm almost certain that they aren't gapped to 1mm. I've replaced two or three of the coils over the years of me owning the car, but never all of them at the same time as you guys on here recommend... but man I hope it's a coil now. A bent valve...
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    Miss at idle, Stuttering from 40-60 mph, no CEL. I'm at my wit's end.

    I'll give a little background on the car... '01 with about 140,000 miles on it. Last September it snapped a tensioner, and sat for several months before we tore everything apart. We replaced the timing chains, guides, and tensioners. After all that, it ended up not starting. So we replaced the...
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    What did you do to your LS today?

    Today we got my camshafts aligned and the timing cover on and torqued. Now comes the process of putting everything back together and playing a game of "Where does that Bolt Go?" I had never heard of 'expecting mothers' spots until now. I even Googled it 'cause I thought you were joking haha.
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    Teardown for the tensioners

    Don't mind me here, just venting, and sharing my recent experience, or lack thereof, with my Lincoln. In September, just a week before my birthday, I was leaving the art store, started it up, and it was shaking like a madman. Over the next few weeks it was throwing an odd assortment of codes...
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    not an LS topic, but i have to brag!

    Awesome man. I have a friend named Alex Berry, I thought you were him for a second haha. Only one year of college and you're already making some big moves.
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    Official LS Picture Thread

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    Your mileage and problems

    2001 V8 I have replaced, in this order: -alternator -2 coils, 4 spark plugs -catalytic converter -front lower ball joints Problems I'm aware of, but have been ignoring for a while -other cat is bad -rear drivers side window regulator -clockspring -ac doesn't work It's also throwing a code...
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    Photography 101.

    giving tips can be tricky itself, because you may tell one person something that they had no clue about, and then you tell another person and they look at you like you just insulted their intelligence. giving tips is especially more tricky for myself since i'm still a beginner...
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    Timing chain/tensioner?

    The secondary tensioner is the failed one, and of course, my car is a first gen. Everybody does make it seem as if it is relatively easy, just involved. Seemingly the hardest part is shelling out the money for those special tools, something I'm hesitant on doing with people saying they're...