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    For Sale For Sale, SCT X4 tuner for LS $250

    Sorry frank, the sale went through tonight. Thanks for your interest though!
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    For Sale For Sale, SCT X4 tuner for LS $250

    I put the economy tune on to make a 4 hour drive a state over for some training. Not only did my economy note change at all but the timing was so screwed up, the car would never downshift and it backfired a few times (or missed, one or the other). The tunes I got from torrie came as 3 separate...
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    For Sale For Sale, SCT X4 tuner for LS $250

    Selling my SCT X4 i bought new from Torrie last spring. I sold the LS last fall to an old friend who decided he didn't want the tune anymore so i returned it to stock and now have the SCT I don't have use for anymore. Brand new they are $389 plus tunes, I'll sell mine for $250, free shipping. I...
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    For Sale 2004 Lincoln LS V8, fully loaded, modded as well

    SOLD!! WOO HOO! My Best friend bought it off me, he should be joining this forum once he gets back from vacation.
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    Finally selling my LS

    Ah, that makes sense, thanks Joe. My lifelong plan was to keep moving up the ranks, started with a Ford, then 2 lincolns, now a Jaguar...and next an Aston Martin :)
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    Finally selling my LS

    I hate to do it as I've always loved this car....But I'm upgraded to a Jaguar XF that i'm picking up tomorrow, so I'll be ok :) If anyone is interested here' the posting...
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    For Sale 2004 Lincoln LS V8, fully loaded, modded as well

    After 7 years I'm finally selling my baby as I'm moving up to a Jaguar. This car has been babied since I bought it in 2007 with 28k miles. She's black on black with the V8, navigation, THX sound system, power everything, and 18" volvo rims. Today she hit 108,000 miles. So far as I know the only...
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    Time for Hub Bearings Again

    I rented mine from pep boys, its a Front Wheel Drive Hub Puller, part # 27037. Ignore that it says front wheel, it works fine. The problem will be actually getting the bearing out, i didn't have a press and had to take it all to a shop after hours of trying.
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    Caliper Sliding Pin bolt Fused itself to the caliper??

    I forgot to post an update on this, my apologies. I was able to drill that hole all the way through after roughly 2 hours of trying, but with a screw extractor and a large tap wrench it still wouldn't budge. I tried to step up to a larger bit to drill through again, but as you can see in the...
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    Caliper Sliding Pin bolt Fused itself to the caliper??

    Maybe someone here knows some metallurgy and can explain how this happens. I was removing my brakes and had a seized caliper bolt that just wouldn't budge. Note, the sliding Pin was just fine, it was the bolt that screws into the pin itself that was seized. I took off the caliper and tried the...
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    What else can clunk in the front end?

    I have probably the same clunk after my road trip to florida last week, after researching here it appears to be the Sway Bar Bushings. Ordered a set yesterday and I'll give them a shot this weekend.
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    Need name of these parts

    Looks like #1 and #3 are the same part, just different angle
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    Rear Suspension Parts

    Nothing will fall off or anything so it's not dangerous to drive with them worn. Just that they will wear tires faster than normal.
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    For Sale...Custom Front License Plate Brackets

    Sorry to drag up an old thread, Hite, do you still make these? I PM'ed you last week but i'm not sure how often you check your messages. Got a $185 reminder that i have no front plate from mr police officer. 15 years without a plate, finally got dinged.
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    Official LS Picture Thread

    Just a quick shot i took today at the park with my kid. Hate the plate on the dash, but after 15 years of never using a plate I finally got a ticket last night, ugh.
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    It's not often i admit defeat with this car

    After calling a dozen places the only one with a press that would let me bring it was (shudder) pep boys. I got a ride and brought it in but when the manager saw it he refused, saying corporate no longer lets people bring in spindles, too many broke and they were liable. I was annoyed since i...
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    It's not often i admit defeat with this car

    Tried to tackle the rear bearing in the garage. Was nervous as hell about it, and apparently had a right to be. I picked up the bearing removal tools from harbor freight not realizing they won't work on the Damn hub! I tried hammering it out with zero success and I'm not sure what else to do in...
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    Cant find bushings

    I've seen bushings on eBay, but I've not heard great things about them. You are probably better off with a new oem control arm.
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    FS: Gen 2 LSE Grille

    Any rock chips or anything on the grill?