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    Searching for a discontinued part

    I own a 1995 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series. The transmission selector (lever) is acting up. Car won't go into Park or Reverse. It does go into Drive so I am able to use drive it. It is at a transmission place now and they are having trouble finding the cable. Discontinued, they say. They at...
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    Transmission selector

    My car is a 1995 Lincoln Town Car Signature series. 142,000 miles. The transmission selector has become mushy/loose. It no longer can be put in park which means I have to start it in neutral. Then I pull the lever way to the right to put it in drive, to "1." Once it's in gear, I put it a little...
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    Hallowed Haunting Grounds

    Since it's less than three weeks until Halloween, I think any Halloween fans would like to see what was my favorite Halloween/yard display... Along with many photos in the "images" section, the hosts of the show have put together a video...
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    '95 Town Car... original owner... for sale

    I am considering buying the '95 Town Car (Signature Series) in the attachment. Gray with a dark gray interior. It is at a car detailing shop- the owner of the shop is selling it for his brother. As the ad says, the car has 109,000 miles and is well-kept. I couldn't find any dents on the body...
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    New Member With Three Cadillacs

    Hello, This is a very interesting and detailed website... Cadillacs and Lincolns- a very good match! I own three Cadillacs and have recently decided to shop for a '94-'95 Lincoln Town Car. My Caddies are: 1969 Fleetwood Brougham, triple black, 94,500 miles. 1970 Sedan de Ville, triple...