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  1. burning.empire

    Don't wait to fix your suspension...

    Been a long time since I been here. I am a lot wiser since then,haha. Couple weeks ago I was on my way to see a concert, when my upper ball joint, wheel, and tie rod broke off and disconnected from my car. Scared the hell out of me and my brother. Luckily this happened before I got on the...
  2. burning.empire

    Dead Car, no way in

    2001 V8. My car magically died this morning. No lights, no crank, no nothing. As if the engine and battery are missing. Here is the rub. What fuuckin' idiot designed this car with NO access to the battery. The in-dash trunk release doesn't work if the car is dead, there is no external key...
  3. burning.empire

    RPM issue

    Tried looking it up but couldn't find anything helpful. 2001 V8 Just got back from a 2 hour trip home. Next morning I start the car and the RPM blast up to 2000 and stays there. I try to kick it down and the RPMs jumps to 2300 and stays, kick it down again and it jumps 2600 and...
  4. burning.empire

    broken shock tower

    I have 1 broken shock tower nut (or rod which ever is more accurate) on the passenger side. It creaks and squeaks like a sonofabitch, when I roll slow, turn the wheel, or go over bumps. if any of you had to replace their shocks, where did you take it? And how much did you spend with parts and...
  5. burning.empire

    Angel eyes in place

    I bought installed angel eyes from D_Kelly, wired them and they look fantastic! Super bright even in the day time. Lightwurks brand. I can see the envy in the eyes of the BMW drivers I pass. bwhahahaha [/IMG]
  6. burning.empire

    Angel eyes in place

    I bought installed angel eyes from D_Kelly, wired them and they look fantastic! Super bright even in the day time. Lightwurks brand. I can see the envy in the eyes of the BMW drivers I pass. bwhahahaha [/IMG]
  7. burning.empire

    new Caddy Concept

    I know this is a Caddy, but I don't venture over to the Caddy side of this website, so I thought you guys might enjoy this. I think it is pretty sharp. It lacks in body flair, but it's cool none the less Cadillac Hybrid convertible concept - The Ciel...
  8. burning.empire

    Anybody hear from D_KELLY

    Anybody hear from D_KELLY? All I know is I paid him $350 for his angel eyes, he said they shipped out July 26th. And I'm still waiting for them. I got a bad foot, but I could walk the package from Missouri to NJ. Now he doesn't answer any texts I send him.
  9. burning.empire


    Now I don't know if there is a group section on LVC, it being 2:46am and running on 4 hours sleep, I am not thinking as clear as I normally am (normality for me is about as clear as Loch Ness anyway). Sooo where are my New Jersey / Metro NY people? I figure Travis can call out to his brethern...
  10. burning.empire

    cheap clusters

    I'm selling message center button clusters. I have 2 of them in a good condition. Just give me $8 for the cluster and shipping.
  11. burning.empire

    chrome wheels for a picky guy?

    Can anyone recommend some good chrome wheels that aren't thin and spokey? Something that is beefy, deep dish, more solid than wire. Maybe in the price range of $180-225 a piece. I checked,, and a couple other places but nothing I really liked. I have a '01 Gen1, but...
  12. burning.empire

    first day at the shop

    I just got out of the shop, they changed the sway bar bushings, entire left front wheel hub and I think both front bearings, and they are going to check the ball joints tomorrow. I think ill have to rob the liquor store again for cash. After all that, I still get that excessive thudding noise...
  13. burning.empire

    $75 Lincoln LS Air Intake - ebay

    I just got that air intake system that they were selling on Ebay. It just arrived in the mail and I'm going to install it tonight or tomorrow. For $75 I'm not expecting much, but I had to try it out. I'll keep you posted. It seems to be built pretty solid.
  14. burning.empire

    perfect bulbs for clear markers

    I found this on ebay today. I've never tried it or seen it in person. But for those of you *ahem Dysfuctional that have cleared your marker lights it is perfect for you. 3157 bulb that is silver off, amber when on...
  15. burning.empire

    service manual options

    I've been looking for a complete service manual for the LS but I don't like my options. the $29 Hayes book seems ok, but the title is "Transmission overhaul" why would they name the book specifically about the transmission and then say its a manual that covers other areas. I went to...
  16. burning.empire

    Fun with my upper and lower grille

    I got the '01 front grille with the chrome frame and black bars. So I wanted to spruce up the front a little. I chromed the vertical black bars and horizontal lower grille. I just used the 3M adhesive chrome strips. I don't even know if the adhesive can withstand the heat coming off the engine...
  17. burning.empire

    performance chips?

    Anyone use any performance chip upgrades like the one advertised on this page? A chip that increases HP by 60, and increases mpg by 7 sounds like BS to me...especially for $69. What's the tradeoff for using these chips? Strain on the engine? Have to use high octane gas? Worn out CPU?
  18. burning.empire

    speed wheel sensor advice

    Driving down the highway the other day, I hit a very small and insignificant bump and both my ABS light and my ATS light went on with the "check advanctrak" message. They stay on even after I reset it. So I'm first looking at wheel speed sensors on rockauto and there are a couple different...
  19. burning.empire

    headlighrs for sale gen1

    I just replaced both my headlight assemblies. And I am selling the old ones. They will come with the lighting power cables as well. 2001 Gen1 They are in good shape, but they need to be cleaned on the inside and resealed. I'm asking $30 a piece plus whatever the shipping is (probably around...
  20. burning.empire

    parking light out

    I just replaced my passenger side headlight assembly. Everything works fine except for the parking light. The bulb works when I use it as the turn signal, but not as the parking. I tried using a different bulb, and a different set of cable wiring. Still doesn't light up. Any clue?