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    Part #'s and Special Tool to Remove Hoses from DCCV and Auxiliary Water Pump to Metal Heater Lines

    If it's not one thing it's another re: the 2005 LS V8 Cooling System. I recently replaced the Degas Bottle (Factory Ford OEM) and now most of my hoses are leaking. Primarily the two of the three hoses connecting the DCC Valve and Auxiliary Water Pump to the Metal Heater Lines. See Attached...
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    Mevotech Front and Rear Sway Bar Links - 2005 LS Sport

    Hello, Hope things are well.. Question: has anyone purchased and used the following Sway Bay Links manufactured by MEVOTECH? Part #s Front: MK80246, MK80245 Rear: MK80261 (2) Visually, they appear to be more solid with Polyurethane Bushings and Zerks.. They're sold on
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    Drivers Side Last Bolt on Coil Pack Cover Removal - 2005 LS V8

    Hello, Does anyone have the answer to removing the Driver's side Coil Pack Cover to removing the 7 MM Bolt (At COP # 8) extremely close to the Brake Booster? I received a P0308 (#8 Coil Plug Bad) and I removed all the other Coil Pack bolts except for the above. My 1/4 Ratchet and 7MM open...
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    Lincoln LS Front Custom Aluminum License Plate Brackets - Still Available?

    Hello, I believe Member Name Hitte Performance was selling a Front Custom Aluminu6m License Plate Brackets for Lincoln LS. Are they still available?? If so, I would like to purchase one.CA requires a front plate Is the price still valid? Thanks