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  1. *Maverick*

    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!!

    No, the wood shifter was definitely not factory for 94, although the wood trim around the shifter/console is factory for 94, and all 1993-94 Marks had single-DIN stereos.
  2. *Maverick*

    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!!

    Mmm... Wish my 72 Mark IV looked that good! One of the best years of the Mark Series, in my opinion. Definitely the best year for the Mark IV.
  3. *Maverick*

    Wtb left lsc hdlt gen 1

    Hey Tony, I have a left 96 LSC headlight housing, but I'm not interested in selling. Instead, I'm looking for a "mate" for it as well. I just thought I would suggest that maybe if neither of us find an "orphan" headlight for the side we need, maybe one of us could find a set of both lights and...
  4. *Maverick*

    For Sale 1998 LSC Engine, Transmission, and Engine Wiring Harness as well as a complete 97

    Guy around here (actually, I think he was in Tennessee) is trying to sell a gen-I Mark VIII engine with 120k+ miles for $1,500. If they were worth that much, I'd be sitting on a small fortune, considering I've got 4 of them, 2 of which have similar miles to the one he's selling. I guess it can't...
  5. *Maverick*

    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!! Anybody consistently get 40 MPG out of their Mark VIII? Obviously, you can see 40 if you watch the Instant MPG readout and you're coasting (hell, my Jaguar will show 99 Instant MPG when coasting at times, but that doesn't mean it gets 99...
  6. *Maverick*

    not an VIII..but interesting Mark VII

    I remember them being talked about YEARS ago over at, where there were mostly Mark VII guys. I think one member over there may have even had one. As rare as they are, I know they were only mainly looked at as an oddity, and not really something very desirable, due to their issues...
  7. *Maverick*

    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!!

    +1 It's not a bad looking car, but to get a plane ticket from NC to Portland, then plan on driving it all the way home, IDK. This is just me, but personally, I'd feel kind of iffy about driving any 1994 model car that far having just bought it from a stranger and not being familiar with that...
  8. *Maverick*

    Gen-I Parts Available

    I guess letting everyone know what colors I have the most of would make this a little easier. As far as interior parts, I have mostly black and "mocha" (93 color; 2-tone tan and brown; code AH). Of course, I've got other parts in other colors as well, from left over pieces from parts...
  9. *Maverick*

    Gen-I Parts Available

    Sorry. I have a black steering wheel still in one of my parts cars, but no gray wheel.
  10. *Maverick*

    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!! Not a VIII, but a nice, low-mileage 92 LSC SE. A little overpriced, maybe (or who knows? Maybe not, considering how rare the SE's are getting). Nice to look at, at least.
  11. *Maverick*

    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!!

    One more parts listing: Not sure if $100 for a complete set of used "good" air-ride airbags is a good deal or not. Guess it depends on how much "good" you think is left in them, but thought someone here might be interested, since they're...
  12. *Maverick*

    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!! Mechanic's special at a decent price for what it is if someone's near the NC coast.
  13. *Maverick*

    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!!

    Not a car, but thought someone local to NC might be interested: I E-mailed him a couple days ago, and he said the rims are "silver", so I'm guessing they're aluminum/polished aluminum, since he didn't specifically say "chrome", but IDK. I...
  14. *Maverick*

    Gen-I Parts Available

    Hey, guys, sorry I've been MIA for a while. I've been pretty busy so far this year, so I haven't been on here as much. Unfortunately, I don't have any performance upgrade parts (other than a few pieces in my personal stash I'm keeping for when I find another Mark), no grille (I'm actually on the...
  15. *Maverick*

    What color temp is the OEM HIDS???

    +1 That's what I've always said/thought based on how they compared to KNOWN color temps I'd seen them compared to (in person, not in pics). For example, when I would pull my '72 Mark IV or Jaguar (I've put aftermarket 8000k HID's in both) up next to my parents' LSC at night, the 8000k's are...
  16. *Maverick*

    Low Coolant Message

    +1. My parents were having the exact same problem out of their '96 LSC until they flushed the coolant. That was a year or more ago, and they haven't had the "low coolant" message come on since, as far as I know.
  17. *Maverick*

    Opinions on building the ultimate Lincoln Blackwood

    I always liked the Blackwood (and the first-generation Navigators) too. It was made back during the time when I was still a big Lincoln fan (meaning their new cars. I'm still a big fan of their older vehicles now; just not what they're currently producing). Personally, I say go for it. I, for...
  18. *Maverick*

    Gen-I Parts Available

    I have alot of left over parts from Mark VIII's I've parted out over the years (all 93 models) and parts lots I've purchased in the past. Mainly body/interior parts available at this point, but some others, so if you're looking for anything, just ask. All proceeds go to the "Help Maverick...
  19. *Maverick*

    I can't believe..

    Wow. :rolleyes: That anodized blue painted interior on that '93 looks like what my buddy started doing on his Honda back when we were in highschool, and THAT is a 2-time "international" show winner? Right. I bet it was done by Chip Foose, too. ;) :shifty:
  20. *Maverick*

    Cheap 1996 LSC

    OMGZ RAREZ!!!!!!! :D :shifty: Kind of like the '93 Mark VII this guy is using as a parts car: ;)