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  1. triniti

    Replaced Fuel Pump Still Won't Start

    I bought a $40 fuel pump motor off of ebay and finally got everything swapped out. I put everything back together just as I took it apart and tried to fire it up. All I got was a sputter and then nothing. Every time I turn on the ignition I hear the pump prime in the rear with no problems but it...
  2. triniti

    Weird 2000 Lincoln LS Engine Running Issue

    I had a huge electrical short issue with my LS in 07 with a junction box behind the driver's foot rest. After months of headaches and dollars resolving the issue we finally got it resolved. During this time I replaced the battery. The new battery I think was damaged by the constant shorting of...
  3. triniti

    PATS Flashing Error Code?

    I posted a couple of messages regarding my intermittent won't start issue that ultimately graduated to a won't start but when finally started won't stay running issue. I went out to see what the PATS light error code is but couldn't figure out where to find out what it means. I searched the...
  4. triniti

    LS Intermittently Won't Turn Over. PATS?

    I posted this won't start issue earlier this week thinking that it may have been something faulty with the drivers seat that was causing the issue. Something was loose under the driver's seat and once I put it back in place the problem persisted. For all I know the loose wire may have triggered...
  5. triniti

    LS Intermittently Won't Turn Over. Driver's Seat Glitch?

    I am having the same intermittent won't start problem as the person in this thread (LvC Thread 34363) and several other people across the net with my 2000 LS v6. Dealerships have no clue what's causing it even after the owner has shelled out hundreds of dollars to have it fixed. Today all of a...
  6. triniti

    TYC Aftermarket Headlights with Gray Sealant

    For anyone who want's to know. I just bought a set of TYC headlights for my 2000 LS and discovered that they have the gray sealant while I was installing them. I think they will be perfect not only for OEM replacement but for Angel Eye installation, Clear conversion, or Projection modification...
  7. triniti

    Whining Noise From Right Rear

    I am hearing this whining noise coming from what seems to be the right rear of the car. The sound is faint but gets louder when you get to about 42mph and mellows back out about 60. Two different mechanics told me that it was a wheel bearing. It sounds like a bad wheel bearing too but I just...
  8. triniti

    Install Driver Door Regulator Instructions?

    Does anyone know where I can find instructions for installing my new driver's door regulator? I can't find any instructions anywhere. I want to make sure it is done right. I got my hands on a brand new window regulator for $88 including tax. I saved about $40.
  9. triniti

    Driver Door Window Broke

    I have a 2000 LS6 and all of a sudden the driver's door window stopped working. I think I may have caused it when the window was frozen shut a couple times this winter and i keept trying to force it with the switch. I can hear the motor operating when I hit the switch. The window goes up but...
  10. triniti

    Remove Steering Wheel Cover

    How do I remove the steering wheel cover to replace the stereo controls? Thanx in advance.
  11. triniti

    Sub Speaker Size

    I searched the groups high and low to find the answer to this question and can't. I have the Alpine 6-Disc In-Dash Audiophile system. What size are the speaker subs and console speakers for the LS and the specs for replacements? I wasn't sure if they were 3.5 (console) 6x9 or 5x7/6x8 (sub). I...
  12. triniti

    Remove Foglights From LS

    Can't figure out how to remove the entire foglight housing (not just the bulb) from my LS. I can adjust them but not remove them because I can't get under the car to see all the way. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  13. triniti

    Erratic Stereo Display Behavior

    I have the Alpine 6-Disc in-dash. Everything works fine until it seems that the stereo heats up after about 30 minutes. Then the display starts doing whatever it wants to do. Adjusting the Bass and Balance by itself. If i tap it it behaves for a little bit then it's back at it. It's crazy...
  14. triniti

    How Many Amps on 2000 Alpine Audiophile?

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me how many amps come with the Alpine Audiophile System and where they are located? I see the main large one in the trunk for the subs but I hear there are a couple more hidden somewhere for the doors speakers and console speakers. Any help with this matter...
  15. triniti

    Tech Specialist for Alpine 6-Disc In Dash

    Where can I find a person or company that specializes in the technical specifics for my new Alpine 6-Disc In-Dash Audiophile System (Part# 2W4T-18C815-AC) ? I need more technical information than what I can get in the maunal. For example I need to know if this particular Alpine unit has a...
  16. triniti

    Super Weird Door Speaker Issue

    I've been reading this group for months and decided to join this LS fraternity. Please help me with this thorn in my side. I have a 2000 LS with the Alpine AudioPhile System. I had the Alpine stereo with cassette and changer in the glove compartment. One day when I was getting off the...