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  1. slowmkviii

    03/04 cobra svt supercharger fit?

    Yes the eaton has to go onto c heads
  2. slowmkviii

    M8 Gen1 motor drop

    Maybe this helps
  3. slowmkviii

    Sup y'all!

    Way to many people went to Facebook even though this is much better organized
  4. slowmkviii

    Sup y'all!

    I stop in every couple weeks Awesome to hear the shop is doing well Nice cars but marks are needed in the stable
  5. slowmkviii

    31 spline inners

    Only if you have lots of power
  6. slowmkviii

    98 Mark VIII Exhaust
  7. slowmkviii

    Ford Rotunda Super Star II Manual Wanted

    I don't have the manual but do have basic instructions for using it for the air suspension
  8. slowmkviii

    Bank 1 IMRC

  9. slowmkviii

    Do you think it crazy to use new ROH ZS wheels in winter?

    If you want to preserve them dont use them in winter
  10. slowmkviii

    How to change blower motor on 1998 mark viii

    Take out the cover panel under the glove box then you will see how easy it is
  11. slowmkviii

    fuse- air ride help

    Bad relay us common but you may have a short somewhere You need to get the voltmeter out
  12. slowmkviii

    7 day dead Lincoln Mark VIII

    Use a voltmeter to do parasitic draw test I chased down a draw on my 97 Took me about 3 hours to find my short in my aftermarket amp.
  13. slowmkviii

    7 day dead Lincoln Mark VIII

    It would die within 2 days of sitting. Not sure what part of the abs was bad cause I just unplugged the fuse under the hood.
  14. slowmkviii

    7 day dead Lincoln Mark VIII

    Had bad abs in my 93 that would kill the battery. Never fixed it though, just unplugged the fuse. So if you don't have a tester just unplug one fuse at a time
  15. slowmkviii

    Shocks Struts or what ?

    I'd lean towards front sway bar end links and rear shock mounts
  16. slowmkviii

    Shocks Struts or what ?

    Not really but we need more of a description like where it's coming from
  17. slowmkviii

    Replace Steering Rag Joint (Steering shaft coupler)

    No need to lower rack the shaft going to the steering wheel is collapsible
  18. slowmkviii

    98 Lincoln Mark Viii lsc help

    Yea many times. Easy job but for coils I like to stay Motorcraft If you need to do gaskets thats a bit more of a challenge just find a good write up Also check the gap on the plugs
  19. slowmkviii

    98 Lincoln Mark Viii lsc help

    Spark plug boots fail a lot and so do the gaskets keeping oil away from the plugs
  20. slowmkviii

    First time Mark VIII Owner - Frame Rust

    Start with another car Keep all the clean parts for spares