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  1. slowmkviii

    The new daily in the family

    So I crashed our 98 in spring
  2. slowmkviii

    Marks at MN street machine nationals

    Great weekend. 8 marks total
  3. slowmkviii

    For Sale Procharged black 98 lsc MN

    Posting for a friend not my car
  4. slowmkviii

    Pics race car and my two slow ones.

    Finished putting Kirks race seats in and Had to take a pic of 2 out of three of mine out side. Also the wifes camaro that I need to get to work on.
  5. slowmkviii

    Epa trying to kill racing
  6. slowmkviii

    Very uncomfortable drivers seat and repair.

    This is on my new daily driver the 98 mark viii. The drivers seat was so broken down that the wire structure supporting the foam was about to come through the leather. (it was also VERY uncomfortable) So I was going to put in a spare seat but it was starting To have the same problem. but not...
  7. slowmkviii

    Quick60 great seller

    Fast at everything from communication to shipping Thanks quick60
  8. slowmkviii

    Gen 1 fuel pump

    Should I just order for a 96 cobra or what? According to scp the filter is different. I do want a kit so I get a new gasket hose and filter otherwise I'd just order a walbro.
  9. slowmkviii

    Some autocross fun

    At street machine nationals in St Paul mn my favorite pic is the last one my son is riding shot gun.
  10. slowmkviii

    wtb addco rear mark viii anti-sway bar possibly front.

    Just looking to see if anyone is selling one for a good price would like the 1.25" or the 1.375" I want the rear now and front in the future.
  11. slowmkviii

    car craft summer nationals with autocross

    Went to car craft summer nationals again but this is the first year I could pass tech. Inspection This video was done courtesy of markviiiedrea. Being my first time I did hang out the tail a bit much at first. Best time was a 30.9××
  12. slowmkviii

    failed heater hose in the valley 4.6

    So my in the valley hose has failed I'm poor and don't have much time on my hands. So I fixed it my way not the right way it now runs next to the motor.
  13. slowmkviii

    control arm diameter

    Does anybody have the outside diameter of the shock mount in the front lower control arm.
  14. slowmkviii

    power tour

    I have made reservations for Wisconsin and Iowa. Anybody else?
  15. slowmkviii

    WTB 95-96 mark viii clockspring

    95-96 clockspring shipped to elk river, MN, 55330
  16. slowmkviii

    Salt dreams

    Not sure I've seen this posted before other than a couple of pics.
  17. slowmkviii

    our new 96 tc (Danielle)

    102,450 miles Needs blend door actuator and cruise control fixed. Has anyone put memory seat function into one without it on here before?
  18. slowmkviii

    midnight gray you may remember

    Now its changed hands again
  19. slowmkviii

    today june 10th demo starts :(

    today June 10th Ford started to demolish the st Paul highland park ford plant in operation from 1925-2011
  20. slowmkviii

    10,000 Lakes Concours d'Elegance pictures

    Perfect day great show