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    1997 Two-tone LSC, Procharger F1A, E85 project.

    Life has been interesting lately. Between work, home, and life in general I've had quite a few changes take place over the last year. This is my reason for posting. The current MarkVIII project is gearing up pretty quick. Fully Forged, built 4r75w, full Mandrel stainless...
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    For Sale Gen1 HID housings.

    I've got a spare set of Gen1 HID housings that have been sitting here collecting dust for a while. I've got 6000K bulbs installed in them already and will include the ballasts that come with them. I'd like to get 275 plus shipping. In very good shape. Mike PM here, or text @...
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    Who lives in Richmond Indiana?

    I just left Richmond after eating at steak and shake, and filling up On National road. Midnight Grey Gen 2 with anthracite bullets. You stopped and picked someone up at the bob Evans restaurant.
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    Needed. 1997 Wiring schematic for the VSS sensor at the transmission, and a ?

    Hey fellas, and gals. I am needing a 97 schematic for the VSS system so I can wire in my ER speed cal. Also, I am having an issue in hot weather with the EVAP system purging WAY too much. I notice it's ONLY when on the gas, and goes away under no/part throttle. just wondering if...
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    WTB, Gen2 Ivory Driver's door panel

    WTB. Gen2 Ivory Driver's door panel. I have a few too many broken tabs on my current one and want to get it swapped out. Let me know. Mike
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    For Sale WTT. 4" Dynotech MMX Driveshaft for X-cal.

    Just what it says. I have a 4" MMX driveshaft I'd like to trade for an unlocked X-cal tuner. Let me know what you have.
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    Chat night

    Get in here......
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    Anyone have an engineless markVIII sitting around?

    I need the Drivers side engine bay loom. It runs along the driver's side shocktower in the enginebay. Let me know. Mike
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    FS, Gen 1 Shifter assy. (PERFECT)

    Best offer.
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    On the look out for this little somebitch.

    Ford Rotunda T90P-50-ALA Would prefer to buy if anyone knows of one availible. I need it to finish off my brake system. Thanks Folks.
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    Anyone parting a Gen1 out, I need the plastic loom that hols the main vehicle harness to the drivers side shock tower. It can't be pulled with the engine in the car, only with it removed. it's for my 95's rebuild. Let me know. mike
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    Factory HID bulb, BO

    Used (obviously.) Worked when removed. Mike
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    looking to buy, gen2 front trim pieces, and LSC grille.

    Anyone have these pieces in evergreen?
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    1997 Evergreen/Ivory Progress

    Dad and I are currently sitting at Denver international Airport waiting to fly to Detroit to pick up our "new" MarkVIII. Small meet happening in centrall Illinois tomorrow afternoon, amd driving back to Colorado on Sunday. Have a good day fellers.
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    Oh my f()(king god!
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    follow the arrow people.......

    you know you want to.....
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    looking.............Gen2 Front seat Coushins

    Just like the title says. I'm looking to buy a set of front seat foams for my 95. Let me know what you have. Mike
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    Nostalgia Thread.....

    Alright guys.....(old timers especially) I'm starting this thread to get our history out there for the newer guys, and for posterity's sake. Post old pics, videos, memories, etc etc. Discussions and comments welcome! My 1st contribution. Dad and I test driving our old 94 after...
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    What about the Fluoride?!?!

    Squidbillies: Life Begins at Arousal - YouTube He makes a good point for you pro-lifers out there, and shares my hatred for Obama. Carry on. ;)
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    Chat Open......

    It's that time again folks....