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  1. DaleGrib

    Issue with 2013 MKZ Blind spot system

    I have codes u0501:86-28 (Possibly the rear door module on the passengers side) Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) or Cross-Traffic Alert (CTA) System Warning Message with Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) U049A or U0501 – 2013 Ford Fusion & Lincoln MKZ | Ford and b118D:15-0A (blind spot...
  2. DaleGrib

    Question about upper timing chain tensioner

    I was going to have my tune up and valve covers changed a few weeks ago but some stuff came up! But I am gonna have it done in the next week or so and I know how the upper tensioners do on these cars so I figured since I am having the valve covers done its a great time to go ahead and swap them...
  3. DaleGrib

    Anyone else having issues with UPS lately?

    I have been noticing a lot of wonkiness with UPS as of late. Monday my package was out for delivery then 2 hours later it shows it's back at their hub rescheduled delivery for the next day. I live in a very rural area so it's not likely out here to get 2 different ups trucks the same day unless...
  4. DaleGrib

    Can anyone recommend anyone for Instrument Cluster repair

    Does anyone know of any companies that rebuild the LS Instrument clusters? I have had random codes for things that connect to the cluster so I wanted to clear my mind and make sure it is not defective. I have also had issues with the way it will light up if raining and dark outside during the...
  5. DaleGrib

    Previous owner did this should I remove it or leave it be

    The previous owner put a battery maintainer under the hood and wired it into the fuse box. Is this safe?
  6. DaleGrib

    03 Lincoln LS V8 Issues! ETC Failsafe and Check Transmission warnings and others

    Today my car went nuts. I was in the driveway and suddenly the ABS light, Advancetrac light, and parking brake light came on out of nowhere and when I tried to drive the car went into ETC failsafe mode and the check transmission warning came up on the message center. Any ideas on what could be...
  7. DaleGrib

    Gen 2 Bottom Front seat Cushions on eBay

    If anyone has issues with their seat cushions on the Gen 2 LS here is a guy on eBay that appears to sell the bottom part in various colors new. Items for sale by richmondautoupholstery | eBay
  8. DaleGrib

    Aftermarket radio in the LS question

    Does anyone think this can work in the LS? Alpine INE-F904D Halo9 Navi Car Audio and Navigation System And yep that is a 9-inch screen! I know it's bigger than the space itself. However, the way it mounts is why I wonder if anyone thinks this can work. It's a single din unit, but has various...
  9. DaleGrib

    Transmission rebuild and still having issues

    Had my transmission rebuilt on my 2003 Lincoln LS 3.9 V8 and I have barely put 700 miles on it since the rebuild. However, I am noticing jerking at 15, 25, 30, and 55 at random still. Was assured when they did the rebuild it would cover the valve body and solenoid pack being replaced on top of...
  10. DaleGrib

    B1875 on Gen 2 LS V8

    I have the B1875 code on my car along with u1262 and my turn signal is working just fine and all the functions on it always seem to work. However, by reading here it is likely going bad. I know this seems to be a part that breaks overtime so does anyone have any idea where to find a NOS one...
  11. DaleGrib

    Gen 2 LS Does anyone have a Steering Wheel Airbag Source?

    One thing I am hating on my LS is how the airbag is aging! It does not look horrible but I can tell the material on the cover is close to its end. Does anyone have any solutions to fix this so it's not so sticky? I tried several cleaning products and even tried dawn several times but it always...
  12. DaleGrib

    Gen 2 LS V8 Valve Covers Low Price

    I noticed the valve covers are about $105 each these days so obviously stock is being discontinued! Good thing about buying the valve cover is that it comes with the OEM gaskets all preinstalled and comes with new screws to hold it to the motor and also comes with the cam sensor gasket. By the...
  13. DaleGrib

    Get them while you can! Rear knuckles cheap as ever now !

    If anyone has extra cash and they are keeping their LS I would highly advise grabbing these rear knuckles while you still can! Less than $200 each plus shipping now vs their old cost of $1,164.17.... So that tells me they are trying to dump these parts and once gone the cost will be nuts if you...
  14. DaleGrib

    Does anyone have suggestions on reinforcement of screw posts on cup holder

    The title says it all! I bought a new cup holder and does anyone have any ideas on making this thing last or any way to reinforce them dang screw posts? This is for a Gen 2 LS by the way. And I may have gotten lucky and sourced one of the last brand new cup holders for the LS and yep it is...
  15. DaleGrib

    New exhaust system on my 03 LS

    Today I had my factory exhaust replaced! Had another shop do this yesterday.... but they did such a horrible job on it all, that I went back today and had them refund me, and then I took the car to another shop and had it done in a more proper way. Deleted the resonators and went with 2.25 pipe...
  16. DaleGrib

    Let's get this going again!

    Any interest for anyone on the East Coast or in that general area that wants to get this going again?! I am sure there are several out there that like their Lincoln or Cadillac as much as I do! So if anyone else out there wants to see this happen.... then let's make it happen!
  17. DaleGrib

    Ford & Lincoln 2012-2013 ALL Models Service Repair Factory Workshop Software Manual ISO

    Download ISO from: File on MEGA Will re-upload if link expires upon request. 2012-2013 Ford - Lincoln - Mercury Service Repair Workshop Manual LATEST VERSION NEWEST UPDATES! TSBs/Workshop Manuals/Wiring Diagrams/PC/ED *Latest up to date version with new updates* Contains step-by-step...
  18. DaleGrib

    Do 2005 Thunderbird shocks work on any Ls's ?

    Just trying to see if anyone knows about this? Figured if they did I can share part numbers as they are in stock for the thunderbirds still. But do Thunderbird shocks work on the LS at all?
  19. DaleGrib

    03 LS V8 What brand differential oil should we use

    Tomorrow I am dropping my car off for a transmission rebuild but was also going to have them change the fluid in the rear differential while they have it. What brand of oil should I request for them to use and do I need any additives. Was thinking of having them use Amsoil but not sure!
  20. DaleGrib

    Should this Door run Channel work on all the Gen 2's

    Needing to replace mine cause it looks like someone tried to possibly break into the car by using a prybar or something but I need a good replacement and obviously, that is hard to find cause of nothing hardly being made for it anymore. But is there anything different about the doors during the...