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    06 zephyr- heated and Ac seats not working!

    Hey guys, I finally purchased the car I always wanted it's a 2006 Lincoln zephyr got it for a steal at the dealer! It's got a couple quirks maybe you can help me with the most important one being, when I press heated or Ac cooled seat buttons nothing happens, also I had the rear torque mount...
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    Possible to insure a 78 Fleetwood under 25?

    Hey guys, I recently sold my 99 Cadillac deville delegance in hopes of putting my late grandfather's 1978 Fleetwood brougham on the road! Car drives amazing I just spent thousands overhauling the engine to make sure it's fixed properly. It has 81k original one owner. No rust underneath. But...
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    98 navigator air suspension issue

    Hey guys I have a 98 navigator drives great, however there left rear was sagging significantly the other day so I had the left rear air bag spring replaced at a shop, car sat nice and proud most of the day, later tonight I noticed it's starting to lean again on the left rear!!! Is there...
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    01 deville severe misfiring helpppp

    Hey everyone so I bought this gorgeous Cadillac deville 2001 off my best friend, he was telling me it recently started running terrible and misfiring severely and occasionally stalling and flashing engine light. Long story short he was done and I bought it off of him :) I had many Cadillacs...
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    Drivers brake line. Removal??

    Hey guys, I couldn't find a brougham section so I put it under fleetwoods :) I have a 92 brougham delegance and it just lost all the brakes. Has zero pressure. There is brake fluid leaking severely from the front driver side area and there's a couple puddles under the hood where the lines go...
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    Timing chain tensioner cost?

    Hi there, have a 2001 lsv8 and the timing chain is making a racket and have been told its the timing chain tensioner, how much am I looking at for just the tensioners? Car is a project so currently not driving.
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    All my lovely LS V8 problems....

    I would love some help with this situation I'm having, I bought this 01 Lincoln Ls v8 a few days ago and have discovered many a problem. Here's the list and I would really appreciate help 1) bottom door courtesy lights never actually turn off. While driving, even after I shut it off and lock...
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    Pls help me fix all my LS V8 problems!

    Hi there, just picked up this 01 Lincoln Ls V8 with 300k on it and one engine rebuild. Here's the list of problems I'm having Bottom door courtesy lights are always on (yes everything is closed) they keep killing my battery even after I Shut car off and look in window there sti