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  1. stang99x

    3.0l twin turbo performance?

    Anyone heard anything about any performance parts for the new 3.0 TT? Being Lincoln specific for the time being, it's not getting any aftermarket love for what I have seen
  2. stang99x

    For Sale WTB: MKZ Wheels

    Looking for a set of MKZ wheels for a 2013. Really looking for something in black PVD but willing to look at anything. Also, I have a set of stock 98 Mark VIII wheels that are nearly flawless if anyone is interested. I took them off my 98 when I did the 5x4.5 conversion and boxed them up...
  3. stang99x

    For Sale Stock wheels from a 98 Mark VIII (silver finish)

    I have a a set of the stock wheels, in very good condition. (They are the silver finish, NOT chrome) They've been stored in boxes for the last 7 or 8 years. Make an offer, I'd rather not ship but I will on your dime. Email me at I don't often have time to check my...
  4. stang99x

    For Sale WTB: 1998 CE Silver Ingot set

    I'm looking for a set of the Mark VIII silver ingots that came with the CE to add to my collection. I have the Continental set already, and want to have the Mark set with it. If anyone has a set for sale, or knows someone who would like to sell a set, please let me know. (please realize also...
  5. stang99x

    1998 Lincoln Mark VIII

    I recently started a profession that requires extensive travel, and the Mark just isn't going to be suited for what I'll be doing. I hate to even think about selling it, but it's not really a choice given the expenses of fuel alone. That being said, this is a 98 model. It is not the LSC...
  6. stang99x

    1998 Mark VIII HVAC Blend door, brand new from Ford

    My blend door broke last winter, and I ordered one. After I got the dash off, I decided I could fix the old one better than the redesign Ford had done on the new one. So I fixed it and still have the new part (The repair is working like a champ a year later. So now I have an extra I'd like to...
  7. stang99x

    Neon Failure

    So, my neon failed. Whatever, it happens sooner or later on these cars. I had back surgery, waited for a while, got a used factory tested good ballast, installed it, neon still not working :mad: And ideas? I'm not real capable of bending twisting, etc for diagnosis post surgery so If...
  8. stang99x

    WTS: Random 98 parts. Sensors, switches, rims, cupholder, molding PICS ADDED

    I went to a local pullapart in search of a ballast, which in 4 days on the lot was of course gone with the wind. Grabbed a few pieces for spares, have some spare spares so here we go; (UPDATE; I gotten a lot of interest in other parts that were still on the car. If enough people want parts, I...
  9. stang99x

    WTB: Neon Ballast, LSC grill

    As is says, I need a ballast. Will consider the whole light assmebly if its painted not chrome for the right price. Also looking for an LSC grill, preferably in Midnight grey. Let me know whatchya got. Preferably email me @ as i get those emails all day long, and don't...
  10. stang99x

    If its true, its typical

    Got this in an email. Haven't checked it yet, but i'm sure its true, sounds just like the hypocrits in congress: Take a look at this and just remember elections in November 2010. U.S. House & Senate have voted themselves $4,700 and $5,300 raises. They voted to NOTgive you a S.S. Cost...
  11. stang99x

    Crossdrilled/slotter rotors front and rear

    I have a set of R1 rotors front and rear, crossdrilled slotted, I used them for maybe 1000 or so miles before I did the cobra conversion. All 4 for $50 plus shipping. They are as they came off the car, not warped, a little surface rust from sitting around on my toolbox.
  12. stang99x

    WTB: Midnight grey molding, grill, seat

    I'm hunting for some midnight grey lsc style outer door molding. The chrome strip on mine is :q:q:q:q and I'd prefer monochromatic anyway. Also would like the grill if anyone has it. Now the seat. I want a really good condition grey drivers seat. A couple years ago on a hot day a cruise...
  13. stang99x

    WTB Trim pieces

    I'm lookin for the lsc pieces for my non lsc. Will need grill, mouldings, and maybe someone who wants chrome to trade for my taillights? Anything you have, email me
  14. stang99x

    99 Wrangler Sahara

    Hey guys, I'm sellin my 99 Sahara. Its got 115k miles, 5 speed, 6 cylinder with hard top and full steel doors. Its probably the best mechanical condition TJ i've ever had. I really just want a local buyer, but will work with anyone that may be interested from here on the boards. $9750
  15. stang99x

    Mark VIII crossdrilled/slotted rotors

    Set of R1concepts crossdrilled/slotted rotors, used them for for maybe 2000 miles before doing the mustang pattern swap. They have been stored indoors since removal. $100 prefer not to ship but will at whatever the cost is
  16. stang99x

    1998 Stock rims and Michelins

    Stock set, perfect rims. No rash, no peeling. Tires are in decent condition, I rode 10k miles on them and they don't look like they wore at all. They are Michelin Symmetry 225/60-16 Pictures below $300 prefer local cause I don't really wanna ship these. Located 32 miles north of...
  17. stang99x

    I crossed the do not cross line

    I wanted to get my wife a new car, so I strolled into my local Ford dealer as I did about a year ago, find the woman I always deal with and tell her I'm back in the market. My wants are pretty simple, a V8, rear air, sunroof and third row seating. The rest is negligible. Well, Ford has cut V8...
  18. stang99x

    New Cobra stuff

    Honestly, I got tired of waiting around for geno to get 100 orders (cause it takes forever if it will even happen this time, plus they kinda wore out on the navigator like faded badly) So I said the hell with it, I'll come up with something else. I stopped by mustangs unlimited The first...
  19. stang99x

    Tire Suggestions

    Not so much brand, but size, what can we do? I got 17' cobra R's and I wanna get some meat on the ground, and the pathetic 235/55-17's on there are way undersized and causing me some issues anyways (i got them for $50 thats why they are on there) Whats our max size, i was thinking it was...
  20. stang99x

    Gas mileage run

    800 miles overall, from atlanta to summerville sc, then summerville to beaufort back to summerville, then to santee sc and back to atlanta (and a few little in betweeners) 34 gallons of gas, 23.5 avg mpg. I was a little disappointed in that performance, granted there were a couple run ups over...