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  1. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    Air Suspension Conversion

    I don't know how everyone falls out on the subject of converting air suspension to conventional suspension on our Navigators, but here's my experience with it. A little over a year ago, the air suspension system on my '99 Navigator failed. On my way to work one day, I noticed that the...
  2. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    SilverStar Ultra Headlights

    Anyone have any experience with Sylvania Silverstar Ultra replacement headlight bulbs? I'm thinking of getting a pair for my Navi. I had a pair of the regular Silverstars on my '98 Expedition and really liked the performance and how they looked. The Ultras are supposed to be even brighter and...
  3. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    Creaking Front End

    Just yesterday, I started getting a creaking sound from the front end of my '99 Navi. It happens when I'm driving and when I stop. I also notice it when I step on to the running boards to get in and out. It only seems to come from the driver's side. Any ideas?
  4. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    Outside Temperature

    :confused: Recently, the outside temperature display function on my '99 Navigator has been acting up. A few days ago, it displayed 47 degrees all day, long after the temp rose higher than 47 degrees. Later in the day it finally started displaying the correct temp. It didn't start up again...
  5. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    Some "used" tires better than others

    Whan I bought my '99 Navi last month, it came with Pathfinder Sport SUV tires, a Discount Tire price leader. The fronts were so cupped that it made it sound like I needed wheel bearings and it made the front end "hunt" at highway speeds. Traction in the snow wasn't very good, either. Part...
  6. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    Glad to be back!

    Hello to everyone! Traded my '98 Expedition this past Wednesday on a 65K mile '99 Navi, so I thought I'd come back and see what all the Lincoln guys were up to. Quick do I enter my own code to change the factory code on the keyless entry keypad?
  7. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    Just sayin' thanks!

    Well, my '97 Mark left my stable last Wednesday. I traded it on a '98 Expedition XLT. My daughter is starting college next week, and we just needed something with a little more room. I'm going to miss the Mark, but the Ex is a sweet ride. I've attached a photo. I just want to say that...
  8. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII


    Got a question about the air ride on my '97 Mark. I didn't drive it for three days over the weekend and it settled down on the bags a little bit, like it always does if it sits for a while. I kind of like the way it looks, a little bit lowered. Would it do any damage to turn off the air ride...
  9. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    Tail light lettering

    I need to replace all of the lettering on the lail light of my base '97. Max at 5 Star says that all that is available any more are the letters that spell out "MARK VIII". Apparently the "LINCOLN" and "32 VALVE INTEC V-8" are no longer available. Anyone got an old tail section that may have...
  10. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    Neon Taillight

    The neon on my '97 is acting up. When the lights first come on, the neon flashes then goes out and stays off. It won't come on when the brakes are applied, but it will flash like it should if I activate the panic alarm. Will something like that throw a code if I have a diagnostic run on it...
  11. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    Engine Detailing

    Got the first chance of the season today to really put the clean on the Mark. I planned to give the engine bay the once over, but decided to wait 'til I asked for some feedback. Since there is a fair amount of plastic under the hood of a Gen II, would it hurt to use Armorall Wipes to shine up...
  12. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    Brake Job on a '97 Mark

    How tough is it to replace pads on a '97 Mark? I've never worked on a car with ABS. The last time I did a brake job was on a '80 Mark VI sedan that I owned years ago. Any pitfalls I should be aware of or any trick that I could take advantage of?
  13. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    Favorite Car

    Okay, I just want to get an idea of everyone's most favorite car that they've ever owned. Mine would have to be my first Lincoln, a '73 Continental with a factory 460. I bought it with 42,000 miles on it in 1985. It floated like a cloud but really hopped when you hit the throttle. Triple...
  14. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII


    Hi! New to the board today. Looking forward to hanging out! My name's Ross and I live in Mishawaka, IN. I own a '97 Mark VIII in Ivory Pearlescent w/91K on the clock. I've had it for a little over two years and really enjoy it. It has been virtually trouble-free to own. I've only had...