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    Just like the front ball joints, which Lincoln/Ford say can't be replaced (already replaced them), my shop manuals have nothing for the rear ball joints. Does anyone have a video or knowledge of the removal? They are still functional, but the boots are cracked and I was told that they are the...
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    1999 Conti driver's door Master switch BEZEL removal??

    My master switch bezel has a crack in it, but I believe I can repair it, but after removing the 2 screws, it does not want to lift out. I don't want to break the tabs. Any input would be awesome
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    I have a 1999 Lincoln Continental that seems to be losing fluid from the drivers side area. I noticed that suddenly when I turned the steering wheel o a load of noise. The p/s reservoir was empty. There was a lot of P/S fluid on the ground at the rear of Subframe near the left tire. I would...
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    1999 Lincoln Continental Car Alpine Car Stereo question

    Hello. I replaced the Alpine OEM with an Alpine ILX-W650 double din. I hooked up the door speakers and subwoofers (2 oem 6 x 9 subs are in the deck corners controlled by an oem amp) to the new head unit. The system sounds ok and the subs sound strong. I have the subs hooked up to the sub output...