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    Has anyone used these coil's, COP's?

    Has anyone used these COP's? The thing is they are from China but they have a lifetime warranty. What do you think?
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    Dan Ro's Plasti Dipped LS

    I will keep building on this thread with details when I can. I don't have the progress photos on this PC and will upload them at another time. The car has not been washed since I sprayed it so it isn't super clean in these photos (but the color hides that well). I plan to hopefully black out the...
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    Can we replace only the bushings on the lower control arms?

    I replaced the balljoints just last year and now I have discovered that my bushings on the control arms are bad. Are we able to only buy those bushings or are there any poly bushings that fit in there?
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    I added a leather shift boot to my automatic LS

    I REALLY like how this looks. I think it looks a lot better than stock factory. This is on a Gen1.
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    Adding rear deck speakers to base system. Help

    I have the base Alpine system and would like to add speakers in the rear deck. I know some cars are wired for all options but just don't have them installed but I don't see wires tucked away in there just waiting to be hooked up to. So I am assuming the not all LS's have the wires already in...
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    Found these19x8 TSW wheels with tires on eBay if anyone is interested.
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    Rock Auto has ball joints, complete assembly with knuckle.

    What do you think?
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    V6 Shift Boot?

    Where can I find the shift boot for the V6 Gen 1 manual tranny to purchase. It actually does not even need to be in good condition. It will be a core for me making one.
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    This site has either "Performance" or "Special" suspension. Which do I order?

    From this site which shocks would I order if I want the Sport shocks? The "Performance" or "Special" suspension?
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    Gen 1 Black LSE in Oak Creek MATC parking lot.

    I saw it today. Anyone here?
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    Would these KYB's be comparable to Sport Motorcraft Struts?

    I have an '02. I planned on getting the Motorcraft Sport Shocks and Struts. Would these KYB's give me that Sport ride or be softer?
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    Have you had to replace your strut mounts?

    If you replaced them what were your reasons and symptoms you had?
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    What size are the bushings on the steering rack?

    Does anyone know what size these are? One of mine look bad?
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    What symptoms would there be for bad inner tie rods?

    I have a strong feeling that they need to be replaced.
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    How to wire 6x9's to base system.

    I wanna add 6x9's to my base system and don't know how I should wire them in. They will be amplified and I am sticking with the stock base stereo.
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    ? On removing the dash panel that butts up to the windshield.

    I was attempting to remove this panel and had it unsnapped but the sides were stopping me. Do I need to remove the pillar panel also?
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    Has anyone had to replace there Motor Mounts?

    Where should I buy motor mounts if I need them? I don't see them on Rock Auto at all.
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    Any tips on replacing a wheel stud?

    I will be replacing a front wheel stud tomorrow. Has anyone done this and have tips or know more then I do on getting to it? What all will I be removing to get at it and stuff.
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    Gots some new kicks.

    18x8 Volvo 38mm offset, $440 all four brand new. 225/45-18 Front 245/45-18 Rear
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    Can we swap in a Jaguar S-Type R rear sway bar?

    I would like a thicker rear sway bar. Is it feasible to replace it with the S-Type R bar? I don't know how thick stock is or how thick the R one is.