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  1. LSxHC

    Changing Brake Fluid

    Does anybody know how to change the brake fluid on a 2002 LS without pulling off the wheels?
  2. LSxHC

    Performance question

    Does anyone know where I can find more powerful fuel injectors? I've done some research and all I'm able to find are OEM spec. I plan on replacing all the spark plugs and ignition coils with higher-performance ones. I think it would be better if I found better injectors to go with them.
  3. LSxHC

    Question about my suspension

    So I have an 02 lse and I'm not sure if this is an issue or not, but the suspension on the car is really stiff! I can feel almost every bump in the road!! It doesn't bother me but I don't know if it's normal or not because on the original window sticker it has an option called "sport-tuned...