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  1. JustALs

    passenger door lock

    whats up guys another problem,,, lol I removed the passenger side door panel, then the sheet metal panel inside the door , the door lock cable from the handle to change the window regulator.. I accidently pulled on the lock cable and now my door wont lock, I havent broke anything just some...
  2. JustALs

    Blinker intermittently working code b1499

    New bulb checked the wiring and fuses driver side front sometimes only the park work 11.8v and when I put the blinker it shuts it off completely and park doesnt work for a bit. Due for inspection my plate stickers are done been two months and my liscense is expirerd lmao dont wana get pulled...
  3. JustALs

    Lincoln ls v8 exhaust manifold flange size

    Gutted my cats a year ago and my car sounds bad , read somewhere that its about turbulence or sum.. i need to know the size of the flange so I can buy a test pipe thx
  4. JustALs

    2000lsv8 A/C

    So like I do each summer I refil the ac with 28oz r134a but this time it leaked right out as i was putting some in slowly,, i read it can be the scroll oring or something but i cant find the correct part online thanks
  5. JustALs

    Wish the ls came with more power or a manual v8

    Haha well my 2000lsv8 got gapped so bad by a 1970 buick riviera, the power it had was unreal he told me it has a stock 442
  6. JustALs

    2000 ls v8 tapping noise

    Hey guys I can hear a faint tapping noise coming from the top of the intake manifold/plenum. Not sure if its the valve shims but tought it might be it Where can I find shims are they removable or they are a bucket assembly? for these engine I looked everywhere but couldn't find any Even looked...
  7. JustALs

    Steering knuckle question

    Yo guys Should I be worried about the part failing with the brand mevotech supreme for a steering knuckle if I corner hard on the daily or Should I buy an oem? Thx
  8. JustALs

    2000LSV8 rear subframe

    Hey guys after going thru 3 sets of rear tires with new arms top to bottom, new lateral arms and new bearings I figured my subframe bushings were shot. I bought this car at 140k three years ago and I didn't know much about the ls but the car looked fine. Yesterday I was doing 225 on a beat up...
  9. JustALs

    Power steering whine

    Hey I got a 2000lsv8 and the power steering whines on cold starts and when turning but goes away.. I read that its caused from a bad inlet o-ring and letting air in the system. Where can I order the o ring?
  10. JustALs

    Bilstein conversion or this?

    Browsing google for shocks and came across these strutmaster air shocks I need advice if they are worth it or not
  11. JustALs

    DATC and stock head unit

    Hey guys the stock head unit and DATC in my ls gets really hot. Is this normal or is it something thats shorting? Also most of the time the stock head unit button lights are not working.
  12. JustALs

    Rear window vents

    My rear window vents stopped blowing air the second day I got my ls. Is this a problem with the ducs or a fuse ? And the rear center console vents are not blowing much and only on one side Thx
  13. JustALs

    The most expensive Lincoln ls in existance

    Was just browsing on kijiji for a lincoln ls and came across this one and the guy is asking 9000$ :') I would offer him 1200-1500$ but he would probably laugh it off thinking im lowballing him so.. Loll
  14. JustALs

    Lincoln ls 2000 interior rear view mirror

    Is it possible to remove only the mirror but not the pivoting arm? Thx
  15. JustALs

    Lincoln LS [Anti-Sway Bar End Links]

    Hey guys, Im trying to find some adjustable front and rear end links for the ls and ended up on some universal ones that goes by length but the ls front are two sided and the rears are at an angle so I dont think those universal will work because they are just straight with the two ball joints...
  16. JustALs

    Lincoln LS question..

    Hey guys so my lemforder rear lower control arms came in, ordered a rear upper too but got sent the wrong part ####.. Was wondering if I instal new lowers and my upper bushings are shot will it damage my lower Lca at the knuckle part ? Also found it funny that lemforder grinds off the lca serial...
  17. JustALs

    2000 Ls v8 Steering control issues [FIXED]

    Hey guys this car seems to get a new problem almost everytime time you fix one lol.. Okay so today my turn signal switch and four-way flasher button stopped from working, no highbeam / lowbeam. No wipers and the steering column telescopic 4-way switch doesn't do anything either. Also I wasn't...
  18. JustALs

    2000 LS V8 Rear shocks

    Anyone here knows if this might fit?
  19. JustALs

    2000 Ls v8 Rear LCA source

    Hey guys, so a year ago I bought two new Mevotech supreme rear lower control arms at 209$CAD a piece and the bushings are already shot, The outer bushing steel inserts got loose from the control arm shell on all three of them. I was thinking that they probably broke from doing a one wheel peel...
  20. JustALs

    How to set timing lsv8

    Hey guys was wondering how to re set timing on exhaust cam cause I think I did it wrong.... Did a but of searching , Should the flats be aligned up when bottom of the chain is tight ??? Kinda got bored of driving my 2001v6 :')