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  1. catmech

    car wont start

    the car just turns over, but wont start. i think i can here the fuel pump, but im not sure. i think it may be the vcrm, however i would like to hear everyones input first before i order parts. also as a side note, while i turn the engine over after about a half of a minute the gas gauge needle...
  2. catmech

    Another Victim

    last night i raced a 92 honda civic lightly modified and beat the pants off of it. the kid thought he was gonna take my big lincoln. afterwards he abruptly says "whats in that thing".
  3. catmech

    What Hard Button A/c Controls Will Fit My 95 Mark

    Ive Got A 95 Mark And Want To Know What Hard Button A/c Control Unit Will Fit And Plug In Into My Factory Harness.
  4. catmech

    Wtb: Cobrastar Emblems

    still want to buy matching right and left cobrastar emblems.
  5. catmech


    the only way that geno is gonna make these again is if he gets 100 sets of these emblems pre sold, money up front. so lets see who wants these and try to hit that goal. here we go again. (geno if i get any of this wrong just jump in and correct me).
  6. catmech

    31 spline axles

    has anyone tried to use the 31 spline 2003 cobra axles in their mark? if so were they a direct bolt in affair,aside from the 31 spline diff change over?
  7. catmech

    wtb: cobrastar emblems

    looking for the drivers side cobrastar emblem or a pair of left and right emblems.
  8. catmech

    gen 1 cobra intake swap

    has anyone done this on a gen1. if so will it clear the stock hood? what has to be done to complete the swap, i.e. parts needed, harness splicing ect.
  9. catmech

    Wtb: Cobrastar Emblems

    looking to buy right and left side fender cobrastar emblems.
  10. catmech

    any here in va

    does anyone in this chapter live in or around newport news virginia?
  11. catmech

    parking light problem

    was driving tonight and the parking and dash lights just went out. headlights and brake lights still work and the fuse is good in the dash fuse box. has anyone had this happen and if so whats the fix?
  12. catmech

    want to buy mafiosos adapter rings for hid

    want to buy mafiosos adapter rings for factory hid housings to use aftermarket hid kits.
  13. catmech


    ive got a weather dripping problem and i was referred to you. rear window weatherstripping is starting to pit on the outer edges. need guidence. ive already started a thread on this if you wanna take a peak before you answer. the thread is titled widsow weatherstripping.
  14. catmech

    window weatherstriping

    does any one know where i can get some windshield and rear windshield rubber trim pieces?
  15. catmech

    door handle

    wanted to know if anyone had a solution to a loose driver side door handle. its just a little sloppy. it is the outside handle. is there a way to tighten it up. wanted some input before i tear into it.
  16. catmech

    my cars

    i cant upload my pics because it says that the files are too big. dont know how to make them smaller.
  17. catmech


    hey everyone. new to the forum and look forward to chatting with everyone. i own a 95 base mark8 black/grey. its stock currently but ive got things in the works. in addition to my mark i own a 96 cobra. note: does anyone have a left cobrastar emblem they want to sell. i can only get the...