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  1. ruffsmkviiib

    tailight issue

    hi guys,was wondering if anybody could shed some light on a problem i have with no tailights.all of a sudden i have no tailights or parking lights.will a faulty rear neon ballast cause this?i was changing the neon ballast with another to see if it worked and then no tailights.any info would help...
  2. ruffsmkviiib

    heated or not heated

    ]I wanted to know if both outside rear view mirrors on all the 97@98 marks were heated or if it was an option.and were both heated or just one side. im replacing the drivers mirror because it doesnt defrost ice . thanx 4 the info
  3. ruffsmkviiib

    door lights

    wtb 97 courtesy lamps and lenses with all tabs intact the ones in the doors,i need two. or call 805-653-7488 thanx carl
  4. ruffsmkviiib

    wtb,black lsc floor mats

    I am looking for front black lsc mats,please e-mail me at or call-805-653-7488 thanx carl
  5. ruffsmkviiib

    WTB-rear neon trunk light,97MKVIII-LSC

    I Am Looking For A Neon Trunk Light For A 97mkviii-lsc.toreodor Lsc Is 95% Flawless And I Need One In Prestine Or Excellent Condition.any Help Would Really Be Appreciated.EMAIL