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  1. Modular97LSC

    no rear lights

    so I replaced my neon ballast yesterday on my 97 LSC and I noticed that non of my rear lights work, not even the license plate lights work only the front ones and thats when I hit the switch to turn on the lights. So I hit the switch and only my front lights come on and nothing on the back, but...
  2. Modular97LSC

    Well guys I did a thing

    Hello everyone its been a while since I last logged into LVC, but I'm glad to see some known names that are still posting. Anywho I'm back in the Mark 8 game since I just recently purchased a 97 LSC. She's Opal Opalescent with light graphite interior and an aftermarket moonroof also has 128k and...
  3. Modular97LSC

    2002 oil pan gasket leak

    Hello folks im having problems with my oil pan gasket thats leaking on my 2002 Continental. All of the bolts on the oil pan have oil on them which indicates that the gasket needs to be replaced. I tried tightening them a bit with no luck, I also didnt want to tighten them that much that I...
  4. Modular97LSC

    97-98 mark viii low beam fuses

    Which ones are they? I know the low beam fuses are in the fuse panel by the drivers side door but I'm trying to figure out which ones they are....thanx
  5. Modular97LSC

    wanted gen 2 drivers side sunvisor in black with garang link buttons.

    yes just like the title says I need me a black gen 2 sunvisor with the garage door link buttons...let me know if you have one....thanks. I forgot to mention that its for a non sunroof car and just the driver side but if you want to sell both as a package let me know...thanks
  6. Modular97LSC

    This one goes out to you air suspension gurus.

    ok my peoples as some of you know my car is currently on springs but im going to be switching to air suspension soon. I bought the set of front and rear bags from Nolan and ill be installing them soon after I get a new compressor. Now what im worried about is that my suspension wont work b/c I...
  7. Modular97LSC

    whos in Vegas?

    ill be moving from Florida to Henderson Nevada in November and ill be looking for Mark VIII groups.....let me know.
  8. Modular97LSC

    Picture whoring of my 97 LSC.

    Just installed these coil covers today, and also visited my local muffler shop for an X pipe. The engine is a little dirty but you get the idea.
  9. Modular97LSC

    Merry Christmas my friends!!!

    Just dropping by to wish all of my LVC friends a Merry Christmas. Marvin M.
  10. Modular97LSC

    LMS muffler question

    how the hell do I make these louder? I have stock exhaust and I replaced the stock muffs with LMS ones. But the sound is not getting that WHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! sound that you guys know about. Now the question is, if I replace the resonator for and X pipe will I make the...
  11. Modular97LSC

    saw a 94 tc, i have questions.

    first question is that the car only has 29 thousand miles on it, its a signature series and tonly thing thats bad is acouple nicks here and there on the paint, and rear rim center caps are mising,. the car drives like a dream its flawless should i buy it or pass it by. also has the pass seat...
  12. Modular97LSC

    For Sale Side moldings for sale!!!!! (pearl opalescent)

    im selling these moldings, they are in great condition. They are pearl opalescent 98 can replace your ugly base moldings or replace your cracked or dented moldings these are perfect. Im asking $80.00 plus shipping. Ill also be posting them on ebay.
  13. Modular97LSC

    pass side seat track problem.

    ok i got a new used seat track but i cannot take the old seat track off b/c i cannot get to the rear bolts. The seat wont move forward to clear enough space for me to get my rachet in there. Now how the **** am i supposed to take this **** apart. If anyone knows i'd really like to know...thanks.
  14. Modular97LSC

    tranny fluid leak.

    ok peeps i rebuilt my tranny about a year ago and soon after it had a leak and i had to take it back for them to check it out. They tightened the screws on the pan and didnt leak again until a few days ago when I noticed smoke coming out from the around the car. I lifted the car and tightened...
  15. Modular97LSC

    need driver seat trim...whatever color...mark VIII gen 2

    that's right exactly like the title says...I need a seat any color...ill paint it black...thanks.
  16. Modular97LSC

    The Phantom VIII (pictures)

    ok Im not sure if anyone has noticed but I changed my profile name from Cobra97LSC to PhantomVIII. The reason if anyone is asking Why? is b/c my car just went thru a huge metamorphasis. So im calling it The Phantom, the idea was Alex's UltimateSVT and I think the name really suites it right. I...
  17. Modular97LSC

    headrest issue.

    whats happening drivers side headrest wont stay in the foward position.....its very loose...if i move it forward it'll just flip backwards...does anyone know if something inside came loose or something? it wasnt like this before.
  18. Modular97LSC

    instrument cluster removal.

    ok peeps ive been searching for a while and i havent been able to find instructions on how to take out my instrument cluster to install white face gauges. I know the front plastic surround has to come off but im afraid to break it. Does anyone know how to take it off? Im talking about the...