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  1. Mike Pizzuto

    97 Lincoln Mark VIII Tune Up

    Hello everyone. Gave away my 98 to my buddy who totaled his car. My little brother got a 97 Mark VIII. It’s a slug compared to 98. Was looking to see what the best for a tune up for the 97 (plugs coils filters etc) to maybe see if it’ll run a little better. What do you guys recommend? Less than...
  2. Mike Pizzuto

    Which fuel pump to buy

    pretty sure my fuel pump went, what is the best fuel pump to buy? Was told a 98 cobra pump is good
  3. Mike Pizzuto

    Faster MK8

    hello, any "easy" ways to put more pep into my MK8 step? Already put in coils and plugs and filter. Just wondering if anything else like a tune or somthing
  4. Mike Pizzuto

    Oil on coil packs

    Pulled 2 coils out of Mark viii 98 and noticed oil was on them. Would that be a bad valve cover gasket or was the spark plug not put in correctly? Also have misfire on that side
  5. Mike Pizzuto


    could bad coils or plugs cause car to run lean , stall out, engine race?
  6. Mike Pizzuto

    Fuel pressure at 20 should be at 40? 98 MKVIII

    Hello all. Check engine light came on today and when I ran the scanner it came back with code: p0174. Runnin lean. When I looked online it said it can be from o2 sensors to fuel filter to vacuum lines... car runs but doesn't take off like it should (struggles after 3,000rpm). When I checked the...