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  1. driller


    I had this happen over the past weekend... Passenger side secondary chain and sprocket broke. :eek:
  2. driller

    Prepping for Carlisle Ford Nationals

    One down, 3 to go. ;)
  3. driller

    It's official...

    I am now a member of the boosted Gen2 club. :) '98 Cordovan CE, '04 Terminator motor, supporting mods with Auburn rear differential and 3.73's. :cool:
  4. driller

    Failed MAF

    When a MAF sensor goes 'bad' - what are the symptoms?
  5. driller

    Out with the old...

    Out with the old... ... and in with the new... Think it'll work? :confused:
  6. driller

    Northern Super HeavyWeight Shootout 2

    The Northern Super HeavyWeight Shootout returns for 2013. :)
  7. driller

    2012 hrpt

    Pics from my travels on the 2012 Hot Rod Power Tour can be found at my photo albums. :)
  8. driller

    Track Rental Interest?

    Every year for the past few years, I have participated in the more 'local' group of T-Birds, Cougars and Lincolns known as the Mid-Atlantic MN12 (a TCCoA chapter) and their annual Summer Blast event. This year we are trying to gauge interest on a private track rental. It would be for 4 hours...
  9. driller

    Wipe Out!

    This year while on the Hot Rod Power Tour, I took the opportunity to partake in a bit different kind of racing... a road course at Hallet Motor Racing Circuit in Jennings, OK. It was a rocky start as when I arrived at the gate the attendant noted some type of 'fluid' sprayed all across...
  10. driller

    Northern Super Heavy Shootout

    The Northern Super Heavy Shootout was rescheduled from earlier in the spring to May 19th at Cecil County Dragway. I had hoped to run the Blue Flame at the event but it turned out I had to take the 'back-up' - the Opal Opalescent 1996 Mark VIII. :) The class I participated in was the...
  11. driller

    Leak down test

    To recap the compression test... 1-195 2-192 3-180 4-185 5-190 6-140 7-150 8-192 Today the results of the leak down test confirm problems with cylinders 6 & 7... 1-90/84 6.6% 2-90/88 2.2% 3-90/86 4.4% 4-90/84 6.6% 5-90/84 6.6% 6-90/48 46.6% 7-90/58 35.5% 8-90/88...
  12. driller

    Spark Plugs...

    Help read these plugs...
  13. driller


    New Weld Racing wheels up front for the track...
  14. driller

    Cecil County MD

    I took the Blue Flame out to the track today - the third time on the new setup and perhaps the last outing of the year with tracks closing for the winter soon. This time was Cecil County Dragway near Rising Sun, MD. Long story short, the best run was the first run of seven. Lots of breakage...
  15. driller

    New best ET at SSHS 11

    The Super Southern Heavyweight Shootout, 2011 edition in Atlanta, GA. :) At first the car seemed consistent with 12.62 to 12.80, then a freak run at 12.550 @ 106.73. Before eliminations started, throwing out the worst and the best of the time trials resulted in a tight group of 12.7s. So I...
  16. driller

    Blue Flame Returns

    Last weekend we took the Blue Flame to the 2011 SuperCoupe shootout in Xenia, OH. From the car show to the drag races, it was great to have the car back in action. Here's a few pics of the experience... Heading out... The car show... The pits at the track...
  17. driller

    Summer Blast 10, Aug 19-21

    The Mid-Atlantic MN12 Summer Blast event (aka The Joel Bender/Brian Klein Memorial Nationals) details from Saturday, August 20th will be the date of the Picnic and Car Show with police escort to the picnic grounds in Martinsburg, WV, just a few miles south of Hagerstown, MD...
  18. driller

    WTB: IMRC deletes

    I'm looking for a pair of IMRC deletes for the '93 Mark VIII.
  19. driller

    More Carlisle Pics

    Just uploaded pics of the Carlisle weekend to my photo albums. Enjoy! :D
  20. driller

    Lincoln FTW

    I was surfing car porn on YouTube and happened to run across this classic from last fall at the SuperCoupe Shootout in Xenia, OH... :drunk: For the record, that was the finals of the bracket series for the day and the Blue Flame victoriously...