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    check air suspension!!!!! 95 TC

    ok so i was getting gas and i started my car and no compressor noise..... hmmmm, i know i have a slow leak in my right rear bag, then my air suspension light came on. poop. and the RR is really sagging so im betting it blew. so im wondering which air bag to coil spring/ coil over is the best for...
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    a few questions. 95 town car

    my steering is really sloppy, so do these cars have rack and pinion or a steering box? also, pretty much all the shocks are shot, and the rear are bag has a leak, so i want to re do them, rear first. i have my eye on some air shocks (adjustable manualy) and stiffer springs, let me know if you...
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    95 town car stiffer ride?

    hey guys i have a 95 TC and i really want to make it a sleeper and for me, the first thing to be able to achieve drivablity is a stiffer suspension set up. it needs a new system any ways. also needs rotors, soon an exhaust, tune up. the blower is always on high, the moon roof leaks, and i am...
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    audio help asap!

    hey guys, i am installing a sub woofer into my town car. but im using the stock 400w amp. its a alpine 12 inch that runs 250 watts rms and 700 max. but any way, when i got it in and i hooked it up, it didnt work, but all the speakers in the back work fine, maybe the plug that inserts into the...
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    newbie, with a small project 95

    well im on a couple forums and i looked this up in school. im 15 and i have a 1995 lincoln town car, presidential series. the check engine light is on (i think it needs O2 sensor) the abs light is on and the check air suspension light is on. it has 19xxxx miles on it. its all power options, sun...