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    Transmission Trivia

    For your amusement... but true. From: Lubegard Technology - Lubegard Sperm whale oil and its derivatives were used as additives in virtually all automotive lubricants. The products were so effective that vehicles’ fluids were generally never changed, and systems like the transmission lasted...
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    What the Lincoln LS Could Have Been

    Me want... and wish it would hit production.
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    "While you're in there"

    As many members on here know... I preach the title of this thread. I recently had a "case in point". A mechanic replaced a hydraulic control solenoid at some point. Another one next to it was still working, and was left alone. As time passed... the old solenoid cracked... which allowed for...
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    Never Forget

  5. 04_Sport_LS

    A Warning to Ford Escape Owners

    If any Escape owner doesn't know about this... it would be good information to pass along. You may save a person's life. I'm not sure what all years it covers... but the suspension cradle that holds the lower control arms, (and other components), is known for severely rusting out and failing...
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    In Memory of George Floyd

    Ok... I know this isn't the best "proper" place to do this... but the other sections of this forum don't get much viewing. Heard a song on the radio today... that definitely fits the current time we are in. To those who don't like this... or disagree with my method... I mean no offense... but...
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    Look Who's Driving

    Interesting PBS program about self driving cars. The technology is almost to the point... where a person will be able to sleep on the way to work. o_O Look Who's Driving At about minute 45:30 there is an electric Delorean that is drifting through cones... all by itself.
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    Is the LS New Enough to Use Either one of These ???

    AutoMeter DashControl OBDII Gauge Controllers Thought it would be nice to have something to visually monitor live data for voltage, a/f ratio, throttle position, timing... and COOLANT TEMP. Or this.... X-Series OBD2 Digital Datastream Gauge | AEM I like the idea of using the info center with...
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    DR2 HID's

    Will these work in the Gen2 sport HID assemblies? Direct plug in? Advance Auto Parts - Down for Maintenance I tried the search feature... but too many threads to search with no direct results.
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    September 11: Photos of the Worst Terrorist Attack on U.S. Soil | HISTORY
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    Spring Isolator Upgrade

    So for a while now, I have been trying to gather interest in urethane isolators for the spring seats. The response hasn't been very enthusiastic... with a few people showing interest. Seems the main issue is not being able to nail down the cost due to the parts being a "one off" design and...
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    Poorly Implemented Safety Features in Today's Smarter Vehicles

    Sooo... Today I'm reading a couple day old newspaper... and I see an article about an older gentleman and his dog... who suffocated to death from CO2 poisoning when his "SmartKey" , (keyless), vehicle was left running in the garage, (for 10 hours)... while they were sleeping upstairs. I...
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    Newer Vehicles ARE Monitoring Your EVERY Move

    Skip to minute 15:11...
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    This Light is the Cat's Ass

    I Love it! Hangs anywhere... and it's rotateable. Probably one of the better prices on the net. I "acquire" things from them on a semi-regular basis...
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    Have Fun

    A little "test your knowledge" quiz I found on "the net". Can You Name These Car Parts By Looking at just one image...
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    Waterless Coolant

    While the title may seem like like treading on dangerous ground to some long time LSers... it's not what it appears to be. That being said I offer this for discussion. High Performance Coolant | Evans Coolant For those wondering... I stayed up late over the weekend and caught the ad during a...
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    Interior LED replacement lights issue

    Sooo.... last week I replaced the incandescent interior lights with LED, (front floor and rear seats only). All seemed well until tonight. I noticed they were on very dimly,,, even with the interior dimmer control all the way down. Right now they are on... even with the vehicle shut off. Best...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone,,, and as tiny Tim said in " A Christmas Carol "... God Bless us Everyone. Nuff said.
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    Wheel Questions

    So for the first time in 30 years I'm looking at doing new rims. Factory 7 spoke chrome are shot. Since I've been out of the loop for a while... I'm gonna ask "what hits and what fits",,, along with a couple other questions. I'm keeping the stock tire size, (235/50/17), and the tires are...
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    The best tax money I have ever spent

    I laughed when I heard this. Well worth the $55. New York state GOP says taxpayers "chipped in" to buy Cuomo one-way ticket to Canada - CBS News