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  1. lsismore

    Just want to say thanks.

    A few months ago I ended up selling my 03 LS V6. My wife's grandma gave us the car with only 23,000 miles on it. It was my first "luxury" car and really a great one in many ways, as you all know. I put a little over 60k miles on it over 5 years or so, including a round trip to Corvallis, OR from...
  2. lsismore

    Ford Explorer forums

    Just picked up a 2011 Exploder from my uncle. High miles (180,000) but in pretty good shape (does have a few codes though). Can anyone recommend a good forum for Explorers approaching the same level of quality as LVC? Thanks.
  3. lsismore

    LS rear window regulator recommendation

    I need to replace (possibly repair if possible) the rear window regulator on my ‘03 LS. I was wondering if anybody has an opinion on whether or not I should buy OEM. if it’s all the same I’d rather save some money. Never messed with window stuff before.
  4. lsismore

    I think i'm changing the oil wrong. Gotta question.

    I've got a 2003 LS V6. After draining the oil and replacing the oil filter, judging by the level on the dipstick, my car doesn't seem to want to take 6.9 quarts of oil, per the manual. When you all change your oil, are you checking the dipstick as you get towards the end of filling it? Or do...
  5. lsismore

    03 Lincoln LS Seatback Panel xmas tree retaining clip

    Hey all, I'm losing my mind trying to find this retaining clip used to attach the seatback panel on my 03 LS. It's a "xmas tree" style clip but is has an odd top - it's a half circle instead of a circle - I've attached photos. There's no part no. on the clip. I must have looked at 1000...
  6. lsismore

    '03 LS oil leaking around oil filter

    Hey all, New member here. I read the "before you post" thread and have been searching around for about an hour now. Found a lot of cool totally unrelated stuff in the process - thanks for that. I have a 2003 LS [edit: V6] that I got from my wife's grandma a couple of years ago with only 23,000...