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    out of all my Marks .....

    I so miss my 97 LSC. I still go through my pics now and then and get all bummed when I think about this car. Wish I still had it.
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    This should shock some people lol

    Omg he is alive!! Only the old schoolers will know me none of the members after 2011 will! What's up LVC just thought I would pop in and say hello. Not sure what made me think if coming on, surprised I even remembered my password. Not much new here except a whole koy of white hair on my face and...
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    98 C.E for sale

    for anyone interested, there is a white 98 collector edition for sale on hwy US 19 in port richey florida a block south of the Ridge rd/ US 19 intersection. i dont know the miles but the windshield says 5,950 i think, or 4,950 one or the other. its at some auto repair shop out front, i think its...
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    Omg is it him?

    Hey everyone, just wanted to stop in and say hello. Yes I'm still alive! Just busy being a dad, working, going through a divorce, and spending time with my new woman! I met the most amazing girl ever. Other than that, nothing new with me. Hope everyone is doing good so far for 2013! That is all...
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    For sale, mark parts both gen

    I have some stuff in my old shop I will let go cheap, I have a good gen 2 header panel, I think I have 2 gen one header panels, I have a black gen 2 fender, I think it's a pass side can remember, some leather seat skins, I think one gen 2 trunk lid, a rear knuckle and hub, a bunch of door...
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    Chrome 10 spoke center cap needed

    Anyone got one? Broken tabs are fine I'll silicone it on I don't care, one fell off my 98 and I'm looking for one. Reply here please my mailbox is full so you can't pm me. Thanks
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    Wtb still: ac vents

    I still need a left and right ac vent for my mustang, all the marks share the same vent. I am looking for 93 mocha tan, or 97-98 prairie tan, or 93-98 black. I can just use the louver insert if the vent or the entire vent doesn't matter. I thought a member here was sending me some but that was...
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    Anyone have these?

    I need two ac vents for my mustang, they are the same as the mark. I need both left and right near the doors in either 93 mocha tan or 97-98 prairie tan. I only need the vent louver inserts I don't need the whole housing, they snap right out of the housings. Let me know please thanks
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    Wtb: 97-98 mark 8 motor

    Looking for a cheap but running motor, doesn't have to be some clean low mile unit but I don't want one with smoke or knocks or sludge inside it. I'm going to swap it into my mustang late summer. All I need is the engine from throttle body to oil pan and don't want to leave the state so if you...
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    some progress

    i dont care if this is in the mark section i am a mark owner too and the people i talk to on here are in this section so thats why i post it here. enjoy so i spent thursday night, friday night and nearly all day today, clay bar'n, cutting and polishing the paint, even had to wet sand some...
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    bought a new ride.

    this will be my new long term commuter and toy. i have wanted a mustang for a long time and finally said :q:q:q:q it. i bought it tonight. i'll post more pics this weekend this is just one from the lot it was at. its a 99 GT 5 speed 127k loaded up tan leather interior 100 % unmolested bone...
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    This is the worst part

    Well we moved into our new house the past week and a half. Most of the stuff inside the house is squared away but the garage is a :q:q:q:qing dump! That's what I am doing now is putting my shelves up, putting all my tools back in my box, what a joke it was moving that big bitch. I gotta say my...
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    if you are looking for me:

    its hard to answer the pm's and emails some of you are leaving. i am not ignoring you i am in the middle of moving to my new house and we dont have internet there yet. i am at my old house right now finishing up some painting and still getting stuff, i wont have internet at the new house till...
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    moving sucks

    taking a break waiting for the pussies to all eat because moving is so hard on them, jesus christ! spent all last night after work moving and all day today moving to my new house. i managed to get some computer time because i have to wait for all the poor babies to eat dinner. i know its my...
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    my buddy rob in his chevelle

    now this is a love hate relationship. Rob recently turned 41, he bought this chevelle when he was 16 and he still takes it to the track almost every weekend. its a built 468 big block with spray and a turbo 350. this thing is as worn out as rob, but the car still woops major ass and takes one...
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    anyone know the answer?

    so my wife has lost a serious amount of weight over the last year, over 60 lbs, she is only 5 ' 3 and weighs 108lbs now, since she had such a drastic loss her wedding ring slipped off her hand one night in the shower and went right down the drain. there was no way i could get it, we dont have...
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    Alex wtf does this say??

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    4 sale: 2nd gen coil packs ( 8 ) used

    i have a whole set i didnt think i still had, all 8 factory motorcraft coil packs for 97-98. all in good shape no dry or cracked boots. i'd like $70 shipped for the whole set, no i wont break them up, this would be a good start for your c.o.p swap for you gen 1 guys. pm if interested. i also...
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    are you :q:q:q:qing kidding me??

    so apparently low miles means a car is worth alot, even if the car is a total heap of :q:q:q:q, it still has low miles so its worth a mint. look at this 93 pile of dog:q:q:q:q in alabama for 3 grand, the add should say it also needs 3 grand worth of paint, and 500 dollars worth of interior trim...
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    Attention user donmeanie

    Hey don, you sent me a pm and i tried to reply but it says you have exceeded your pm storage limit, you have to delete your old pm's from your inbox so i can reply to you.