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    VIN not programmed in PCM

    Hello, I seem to be having an issue with 2 of my 2003 Town Cars. The VIN of the vehicles is shown as "unavailable" or blank in the PCM when read by scanners. I was told by one person that it could be a firmware issue and to upgrade the firmware by re-flashing the PCM. Others said it may be a...
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    2003 Cartier Remote Start Question?

    Perhaps the valet button they hide under the dashboard?
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    2003 Cartier Remote Start Question?

    Hello, I have a 2003 Cartier that I THINK may have a factory or OEM dealer installed remote starter system. I have to go back out and take a better look but I do believe that there is one of those bypass modules under the dashboard. I guess my question is.....if it is in fact a remote start...
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    ‘03 LCM Wiring Diagram

    Hello, I am looking to see if anyone has the wiring diagrams for a 2003 Town Car’s lighting control module. Mine seems to be having an issue: it will not illuminate the instrument backlights when the headlights kick on only as well as the backlight for the analog clock above the radio. If the...
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    “Super” Coolant Flush

    Hey guys, I just recently acquired a 2003 TC Cartier with only 40K on it. Elderly woman has previously owned it and obviously didn’t drive it that much. I started to do a complete service (all fluids, filters etc etc) and notice when changing the thermostat and gasket that there was nasty...
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    Engine Idling Hours

    Hello, I have one ‘08 TC, two ‘03 TCs and one ‘06 TC. I recently saw in a ‘07 livery TC that picked me up, that there was an “Enigne Idle .......hours” section on the message center and/or gauge cluster. I do not have that in any of mine. I wanted to see if this was something I can possibly add...
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    Factory HID headlight conversion for Town Car

    Hello, I've recently started the conversion of my 2008 Signature Limited from the halogen headlights it came with to the HID headlights that were offered as an option for that year. I wanted everything to be all original and factory (yes I know I can get conversion kits for much cheaper but I...
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    Town Car VIN needed!! PLEASE

    Hello, I have a 2008 Signature Limited and I am trying to swap over the headlights from the standard halogen headlights to the HID headlight offered as an option for that year. This is the only option my car didn't come with and I desperately want to add them….yes I know how expensive this is...