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  1. dnsherrill

    Fan not working

    I'll try to make this direct, and simple.... the radiator fan (and a/c) stopped working on my 1994 , 102k miles...the car has never overheated while driving, or at all, the ac worked last summer; ----- troubleshooting, to no avail.....tried 3 different vlcm's, no change, tried 2 ecu's, no...
  2. dnsherrill

    Air ride compressor, module or sensor going out?

    Earlier today I got in my 94 and the compressor didn't come on (unusual) I drove about 3 miles and while on the highway got the ''check air ride message'' and cleared it. I got off the highway at my exit about another mile down the road, drove about another mile to the grocery store and noticed...
  3. dnsherrill

    Gen 2 IMRC function

    98 LSC After removing, thoroughly cleaning, and reassembling the imrc plates, I can watch the linkages on both banks open/close when I pull the throttle cable over/under 3200 rpms. When I use my xcal 2 LiveLink it gives different readings for bank 1 and 2. It looks like bank 2 is moving but not...
  4. dnsherrill

    Replacing fuel pump

    98 LSC, jmod, nothing else ----- Will this Walbro GSS342 work for me? everything I need? It's about the same price as one by Precision I could pick up from my local O'riley store ---- I'll be swapping it in the parking lot of my apt bldg. on a sligh incline....smh
  5. dnsherrill

    Poor acceleration, shifting

    I've put this up on other boards and wanted to confirm some observations, maybe get different ones 1998 LSC- Jmod with 1-2 lower, 2-3 springs removed, 126k miles, no CELs, Awhile back I got a custom xcal2 tune which highlighted the fact that my car is running poorly. When I go wot, my foot...
  6. dnsherrill

    post Jmod problem

    94 just finished the jmod with 1-2 and 2-3 piston upgrade to new style, removed the 1-2 lower and 2-3 springs; drilled out all the holes with the right size bits, except the reverse hole (#10) on the diagram; I left it alone also added a Hayden cooler and bypassed the oem cooler; also added a...
  7. dnsherrill

    Matching separator plate

    1998 LSC ---- I'm pulling parts together to do a trans service/jmod/1-2 accumulator replacement/cooler install....1st time dropping the pan.. --- because I work on jackstands in my apt complex parking lot, I'd like to start/finish asap. If I can find it I'd like to have a clean separator...
  8. dnsherrill

    1994 Chassis module

    part # F4LF-18B008-AA Does anyone know what it does? --- it sits in the trunk plastic shelf where oem amp sits; this appears to be a one year only part, I can't tell if they were in 93's. Recently I removed the entire interior (seats, carpet, etc) and original stereo system. While i was back...
  9. dnsherrill

    center console mod

    Doing an interior swap in my 94 (tan to black)...all the black stuff is from my wrecked 96 --- I understand that there is no way to make the black 96 console match up to the 94 I plan to paint the tan 94 black then swap the lids, cup holder/ashtray and carpet surround. -----...
  10. dnsherrill

    ABS sensor connectors

    I have a chance to salvage all 4 ABS wheel sensors from a 98 LSC. Removing it from the hubs/half shafts is simple enough. Where do I disconnect the other ends of the cables? Any pics of the connections at trunk, radiator support would be great
  11. dnsherrill

    WTB: gen 1 center console BK

    For my 94, I'm pretty sure only 93 or 94 will work. Need black in vg to ec. I have lots of parts from 96 and would prefer to trade...or buy
  12. dnsherrill

    Shopping for a replacement Mark VIII

    I totaled my 96 recently, pretty sad in that I had it twelve years and did a ton of repairs and improvements to it- oh well. Now that reality has set in I realize I don't want a different make or model. I want another mark- probably a Gen 2, maybe an OBD1 gen 1. I'll use this thread to get...
  13. dnsherrill

    Abs dtc 17

    96 base, pulled the dash orange ABS light, and Traction control OFF light --- used the paper clip method at red_test plug by passenger headlight to detect my DTC 17: Reference voltage failure, high/low battery voltage, main power relay, main fuse, wire_harness" --- I have not yet checked fuses...
  14. dnsherrill

    Considering lowered coils

    This your standard Strutmaster conversion kit; I'm considering swapping all 4 springs and the 2 front shocks ( the full SM kit was installed about 35 k miles ago, the rear shock mounts are AAS s/s) ------ looking for opinions on how much to lower (1", 1.25", 1.5". 2"?) and what front shocks to...
  15. dnsherrill

    Exhaust mod, mid-body muff

    for the Ivory car, thinking about getting the factory exhaust modded to 2.5" true duals; the brown car has an un-muffled x-pipe at mid-body then 2 MF muffs at the bumprer, it sounds great; for the ivory car (which sits lower) I'm thinking of doing a muffled x-pipe at mid body then go straight to...
  16. dnsherrill

    FEAD noise_squeaky wheel/pulley

    Front Engine Accessory Drive ----- on the white car...the best description I can think of is it sounds like a tambourine, the squeak is variable and its frequency is directly proportional to RPM's, the volume varies, but it rarely goes away completely; ---- the ALT is a high quality rebuilt...
  17. dnsherrill

    WTB- lowering springs for Mark VIII

    Vogtland or Eibach, new ones are $250 shipped...whatcha got? not interested in standard height coils. Please respond with private message
  18. dnsherrill

    No A/C...general TS

    on the white car, 96 base ---- after repairing BDA and reassembling dash and interior I've noticed (with EATC OFF) air is flowing from the dash vent while moving; if i stop moving, air stops from the dash...even with a temp of 50deg outside the air is warm, like it's coming off the engine...
  19. dnsherrill

    (DIS) Charging System

    My White Car is not recharging; with the lights and a/c on it takes about 10-20 mins at idle for the bat to drain down to about 10 volts. I used a bat that I know is good and tried 2 alts: (a)the white car's orig factory alt (120k miles), and (b)the factory alt I took off my brown car at...
  20. dnsherrill

    LSC exterior side inserts- reusable?

    I'm hoping to get my White 96 (actually metallic ivory HA) repainted. i replaced the base bumper covers with LSC's; I also have the LSC side/fleet inserts. The 1st body shop I went to for an estimate said there's no way he can reuse the ones I have- they are too wavy and would never stay...