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  1. AmsterDutch

    Receiver and hitch

    I can't remember but I'm almost certain my 2001 LS V8 had a receiver for a trailer hitch on it 2002 LSE V8 does not ...was that standard on a 2001 LS or did someone install it...I'm looking to get a hitch on my LSE for Bikes and trailers...anyone have any ideas which aftermarket receivers...
  2. AmsterDutch

    Update on Ignition Coils

    Just a quick update: It's been 8 months now and these COP's have been flawless ...not one single misfire reported on my Forscan and I run Forscan lite on my Smart Phone everyday on the drive to work and back home so I can do a honest evaluation for these Coils More Information for SPECTRA...
  3. AmsterDutch

    Starter Installation Question

    2002 LSE V8 ...Can anyone tell me how to remove the top bolt on the Starter ...very very hard to get any kind of tool on the top back bolt...Ford out did themselves once again
  4. AmsterDutch

    2002 V8 LSE Replaced Battery now my car wont start....any advise would be great

    2002 V8 LSE No codes on Forscan Battery is fully charged and brand new 12.89 Volts ....My LS won't turn over at all...turn key and nothing ...Starter? Kinda weird if it is ...wouldn't it at least make a click click click noise? Haven't tested yet but will ...wanted to say this first...After I...
  5. AmsterDutch

    Anybody with an Lincoln LS needs to buy this!

    Liqui Moly (20002) Cera Tec Friction Modifier - 300 ml 4.7 out of 5 stars 5,275
  6. AmsterDutch

    Black Label

    2020 Lincoln Aviator Black Label Interior Driveway Test
  7. AmsterDutch

    Just kicking tires...

    Hey guys, Well no issues with the LSE and when the Lincoln is running like a top, I have time to ponder on useless stuff like wheels and tires...anyway ...I'm not sure why but for some reason I can't wrap my mind around the 225/55/17 tires on my aftermarket me they just look...
  8. AmsterDutch

    Thoughts and suggestions? Flex sealing a Degas Reservoir?

    I know this has been brought up before ...just thinking about the cheap aftermarket degas reservoir I bought a while ago ...came across it the other day cleaning the garage...The degas bottle is brand new ...I never knew that Flex Seal came in clear... "Flex Seal Liquid Clear 1 Gal. Liquid...
  9. AmsterDutch

    Once again the Lincoln LS is problem free for our Anniversary vacation

    I know the Forum has helped me countless times for different problematic issues when it comes to the LS ...but...I like to give credit and kudos to this magnificent car when credit is due...this year my beautiful wife and I headed for the gorgeous bluffs of the Mississippi river valley in Red...
  10. AmsterDutch

    Better luck next time...maybe Lincoln should've brought back the LS instead...with turbo pr super c

    The Lincoln Continental Sedan Is Dead. Again. But, Hey, SUVs!
  11. AmsterDutch

    1st Gen V8 Forscan testing for Hydraulic Cooling Fan ...

    Hey Guys I was wondering if anyone could do me a solid and help me with some readings off there Forscan in the Live feed Dashboard? Wondering if someone can hook up there Forscan and turn on the AC (Air Conditioner) go into Live Feed and select all three of these PIDs in Module PCM for...
  12. AmsterDutch

    Posting for a friend 2003 Lincoln LS V6

    My friend is having some issues with her 2003 Lincoln LS V6 ...I'm going to check it out Friday and will report back with some info...any thoughts, ideas and/or things I should check right away ...bringing my Forscan of course ...just wanted to get some ideas from all you V6 owners and all the...
  13. AmsterDutch

    Featured Listing: Car Of The Year - 2003 Lincoln LS V8 | Journal
  14. AmsterDutch

    PARKING BRAKE WILL NOT APPLY 2002 Lincoln LSE V8 1st Gen

    CONDITIONS DETAILS/RESULTS/ACTIONS A1 CHECK THE PARKING BRAKE CABLE At the parking brake cable equalizer pull the parking brake rear cable and conduit forward. z Can the parking brake be operated? Yes REPAIR the binding condition in the front parking brake cable and conduit or the parking...
  15. AmsterDutch


    Hey guys! The White Interior Door Panel Clips lock into white plastic locking type new door panel was stripped clean of the original Lock washers that the Clips lock into...wondering if anyone knows where I can find or buy more of these crucial little plastic locking washers ...I...
  16. AmsterDutch

    Replacing entire door on 2002 LSE V8 ...question?

    Does anyone know if I need to use my existing door handle and lock and latch?
  17. AmsterDutch

    2002 LSE V8 Water Pump Gasket ?

    Replacement is going on. Have the old one off and the factory metal gaskets still look in very good shape. Shiny, no corrosion and the black rubber material has no cracks and still seems pliable. So my question is should I re-use these on the new pump or should I go with the paper gaskets...
  18. AmsterDutch

    Filling and draining the coolant system

    "Add coolant to the degas bottle allowing the system to equalize until no more coolant can be added." THIS IS A QUOTE FROM WORKSHOP MANUAL... Question? How much coolant should you put in the degas reservoir? This last time I filled my system I added the coolant to degas bottle until it was...