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    Wanted 98 Mark VIII Front Air Springs or rebuild kits

    hate these ole girls on coils ... getting harder to find Front Air springs, only listings I found was Chinese .. not much confidence there .. everyone keeps saying I see them new online all the time.. but if you click on the listing .. it is out of stock .. there used to be some posts about...
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    ISO Mark 8 Gen 2 nose clip/ SRS bags

    due to icy roads , I am needing everything forward of the radiator support on my DD gen 2 LSC and 2 both SRS airbags tan .... was a great car, would like to see her on the road again , but with price of parts may just buy another LSC and let her become a parts car... sad another one off the road
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    new MARK acquisitions 98 C/E and 89 vert

    I just had to share the newest additions to the family. A 98 Mark VIII C/E some minor electrical issues 80 K miles And 89 Mark VII convertible 80 K miles in need of lots of TLC the navigator got new lights, all are happy ... except IMHO they are jealous the Mark VII can go topless ...
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    WTB 98 Mark 8 seat switch/track and neon

    need the drivers recline switch also passenger seat track and rear neon (esp if it is off red collectors lol) and C/D changer and trim as well as wood grain surround on another 98 call andrew 270 519 0588
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    WTB 98 Mark 8 left rear speed sensor

    I am in need of a 98 specific left rear wheel sensor fomoco # F8LZ-2C190-AB must be from 98 call andrew 270 519 0588
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    cartoon panel

    let's see what the peanut gallery :p has to say about this :rolleyes: peace and blessings droobie :cool:
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    Make Mine Freedom

    amazing 50 yr old cartoon from Harding College take a minute to view this video Amazing and sad that some of has come true there is a opening by someone but the name of the video is "Make Mine Freedom" check it out here...
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    help pwr seat not working

    finally did the blend door on one of my mark VIII during the process hit the passenger seat switch a few times now the seat fails to operate movement wise , lumbar functions fuse good , took off seat bottom to access floor mounts found module , so without a star tester, which...
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    need advice

    I have a 98 mark 8 LSC 4.6 4v I grew up doing mechanic work on our farm I have built / moded several cars back before the advent of computers and modular engines Now I am in retail now, so I have no time, and have back problems, so I hire most of my mechanic work now, other than...
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    coil on plug

    98 mark VIII LSC think i had one of my coils starting to go out think i should replace them all is there any aftermarket source that far outperform the factory set up ?
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    WTB performance parts 98 LSC

    lookin for any spare parts you want to get rid of for 98 mark 8 lsc headers , chips , posi trak , etc really would like to get a deal on a supercharger wnating to go for a sleeper sdaily driver thanks andrew
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    4.6 V8 in a taurus

    my cousin is into taursus told me of a link showin a 4.6 continential swap to a taursus here is the link peace and blessings andrew
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    where is the serialized gold plaque on collectors edition

    folks just wondering where lincoln located the gold plated serialized # metal card on the collector's edition models i see them in pictures close up but don't see one affixed to the dash or door jams any info would be appreciated thanks andrew
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    Need Advice

    I have been wanting a Mark VIII LSC with moon roof. Found a 93 Lincoln Mark VIII with moon roof. Looks to be straight no wrecks with 113,000 miles. Suposeidly the front air ride bags were replaced. Paint is decent. Interior is in good condition with a factory corded Lincoln phone in the...